A New York State and Federal Firearms Licensee available for transfers.
Attention New York State Firearms Owners!

The current version "NY SAFE Act" enacted on January 14, 2013, may be reviewed here. It gives firearms owners an idea of what they are up against, and the effective dates of various provisions.

Review it regularly as it has changed... not the Law so much as the way Governor Andrew Cuomo's minions are interpreting it. Pay particular attention to the criteria for an "Assault Weapon"

One aspect of the SAFE Act requires that, as of March 15, 2013, the private sale/transfer of any firearm within New York State will require the buyer/transferee undergo a background check through the FBI's NICS procedure as provided in BATF Guidance #031513.
Main Street Magazine Located in Westhampton Beach on Eastern Long Island, Main Street Magazine has for 33 years maintained a New York State and Federal Firearms License, and can facilitate transfers of both handguns and rifles/shotguns. Fees range from $35.00 for a long gun, to $50.00 for the transfer of a handgun.

Main Street Magazine maintains an FFL, not an attorney's shingle. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain the "legality" of a spe­cific item in their particular jurisdiction.
If you have acquired a firearm through an Internet auction site, and the selling/shipping entity does not already have our FFL on file, there are two (2!) options:
  1. (Preferred.) Send the selling/shipping entity's E-mail address by E-mail1 to . As of January 2007, BATFE has approved scanned electronic transmission of Federal Firearms licenses to the selling/shipping entity. If you make a mistake in the E-dress, then the verified and certified PDF won't get there.
  2. (Discouraged.) Send the selling/shipping entity's physical mailing address in an E-mail1 to . That address will be copied from your E-mail and pasted onto an envelope, and sent with certified copies of our New York State and Federal Firearms licenses to the selling/shipping entity. If you make a mistake in the physical address, then the licenses won't get there.
Please include in the initial E-mail the basic information required on a Form 4473 as this will save time on the date of the actual transfer:
Don't Lie
for the Other Guy!

Learn about "Straw Purchases."
This will allow me to "copy and paste" the necessary information into both the FFL transmission template as well as the secured electronic file I maintain.

Be advised that although the "Assault Weapons" prohibition contained in the 1994 Crime Bill may have "expired" by its own provisions, that particular sun never set in New York State where it is still a Class D felony to possess a "large capacity" magazine or preban configuration semiauto manufactured after 13 September 1994. The relevant citations are NYS Penal Law § 265.20 (7) - (8), and the definitions in PL § 265.00 (22) - (23). It is your responsibility to know the law as it applies to you, not that of someone else in another state looking to sell you a gun or magazine.

If the selling/shipping entity asserts that Main Street Magazine's transmitted paperwork has not been received within a week or ten (10) days (sometimes used as a ploy by less-than-ethical traders), a second certified copy of our New York State and Federal Firearms licenses will be send, by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested at a cost of $10.00, payable in advance. We've been at this for a long time, and there are some unscrupulous persons "out there" who offer for sale an item they cannot, for one reason or another, deliver, or, worse, never have any intention of delivering. Others are in the habit of using a purchaser's funds as a short-term "float."

We like to spell out our policy in advance so that there are no surprises. If you have specific questions about shipping and the transfer of a firearm, consult the BATF FAQ on the subject.

Licensed Hours of Operation: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and by special appointment.

Outgoing Procedure:

There is a postal requirement for a U.S.P.S. Form 1508, so the name and address of the receiving FFL should be sent by E-mail first so a shipping label and the Form 1508 can be prepared in advance. Bring the necessary packaging, and the firearm(s) will be logged in and out (in the case of a handgun a "Received for Disposition" receipt will be provided for the licensing authority), and the package will be sent from the local post office a block away. The owner will tell the Postal Clerk how it should be shipped and how much insurance is desired, pay them directly, and retain all receipts.

Because of the necessity of working within the local (11978) post office's hours of operation, at least an hour prior to their closing should be allowed for completion of paperwork.

Main Street Magazine

NYS and Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer
Westhampton Beach, New York 11978-2706
631-288-1386 / , Licensee.
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