Top Tale o'Ought-Nine

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Top Tale o'Ought-Nine

An acquaintance who subscribes to the 27East RSS feed, forwarded their E-mail of Wednes­day last, captioned:

"25 most-read stories of 2009"

Top among them was, not Linda Kabot's Labor Day DWI arrest (which was only ranked #5), but that of Nancy Genovese, the East Quogue woman arrested on County Road 31 July 30 and held in the pokey for four days while being interrogated as a possible terrorist.

While the primary instrument of her "terror­ism" was a camera, what was widely reported was the entirely passive contents of her trunk:

" assault{sic} rifle, a shotgun and 500 rounds of ammunition...."

Those items alone sent the pants-wetters into paroxysms of irrational condemnation in a thread of Comments to the follow-up story in November, which, last I looked, was headed toward 300 in number!

(27East policy does not allow "Comment" on stories of arrests, so readers had to wait 'til the charges were dropped before expressing them­selves on the subject.)

OtBB's position on Ms. Genovese is clear, and won't revisit it, but knowing that it was deem­ed the "top story of 2009" on 27East, last Thursday's New York Times review of Joan Biskupic's biography of Supreme Court Assoc­iate Justice Antonin Scalia, compels attention.

From the review of "American Original:"

"Scalia’s social conservative sensibility was shaped at Xavier High School, a Jesuit academy in Manhattan where he attended military drills after school (and fondly re­calls carrying his rifle on the subway)."

Whew! "Carrying his rifle on the subway." I love it! Scant wonder the subways were safer back then!

Justice Scalia is not that much older than I, so that would have been in the mid-'50s, pre-Nanny State era when youths in rural America could take their rifles and shotguns to school that they could hunt en route.

Today, any hint of such activity raises the specter of Columbine, Nancy Genovese is ex­coriated just for having (legal) firearms in her vehicle, and WHBPAC cannot book the best holiday movie of all time for it's annual free children's show because its young protag­onist is presented with a Red Ryder BB gun beneath the Christmas tree.

Yeah, the "old days" were better!


1. Surf's Up! said...

You're not serious, are you, about PAC and "A Christmas Story??????" It sounds so ridiculous that it just might be true....

It is true, and there are still at least two people there who were party to the conversation who would be able to confirm it.

As charming and delightful (and seasonally appropriate) a film as it is, it was black-balled solely because of the Red Ryder BB gun element, even with the cautionary "you'll shoot you eye out" refrain!

It's the same thinking as the pants-wetters who become hysterical at the notion of firearms safety (or sex education) being taught in school.

2. Rob F. said...

Not only did kids carry cased rifles on the subway in NYC, they carried them to schools that had ranges in them and stored them in their lockers. Many schools in Nassau had ranges as well. But we're "safer" and just plain better off today than we were back then, right?

Near as I can tell, nope... but what do I know?

3. Surf's Up! said...

[pssst] Santa doesn't wear his seatbelt... pass it on!


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