The Sheer Effrontery!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Sheer Effrontery!

...which is a high-falutin' way of saying, "Can you believe the cojones on these guys?!?"

Shortly after starting yesterday's "four-to-12" tour, Sergeant Nick Fusco and Officer Jeff Speer were spotted in their West­hampton Beach police ve­hicles at the Gabreski Airport location of Holey Moses Cheesecake, Hank Tucker, proprietor.

(Village Trustee Tucker, in October, was named by his Village Board cohorts as the sole member authorized to deal with the local constabulary, likely an illegal resolution.)

Why two officers were out of the Village while on duty in official vehicles is unknown, but shortly thereafter appeared a grievance letter over the signature of PBA President Speer.

At issue is that suspended-then-reinstated-to-restricted-duty Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane are not eligible for overtime!

The two officers don't like it, and Westhamp­ton Beach PBA, of which P.O. Bruetsch is still Vice-President, is taking up their cause.

That the two men still have jobs in the Village is remarkable, and owing in large part to, as some suspect, that Bruetsch must possess in­discreet photos of Trustees Tucker and Joan Levan.

At risk of echoing John Dean, there is a cancer on the Village Police Department which threat­ens its very existence.

Most alarming is that there seems to be no one in a leadership position among the rank'n'file who comprehends this, and can prevail in get­ting them to "police" themselves.

And it's equally apparent that none of them are smart enough to understand Aesop's fable of "The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs."


1. Frank Wheeler said...

I'd say that you're making an April Fools gag three months early, but I get the sickening feeling that you're not! Time to shut down the whole PD. Greenport did it, and my own Pine Valley unincorporated the whole village. Lock the PD doors and see how many of them can catch on with another department with their resumes!

Sad but true! I'm not certain which is more stunning: their arrogance or their stupidity.

2. Specialist said...

Nobody should be shocked at this. Sgt. Fusco and PBA president Speer worked in the same squad as Bruetsch before he got suspended-restored-restricted. There are only two reasons you would attach yourself to a cop whose been accused of lying. Either you'er involved or he's holding the book of dirty deeds on you.

3. Insider said...

If I'm understanding this correctly... the PBA meets with a Trustee who supported dropping charges against the officers. Now apparently with the blessing of this Trustee the PBA files a grievance trying to get these officers overtime.

Either this is a conspiracy to defraud the Village or a giveback for a favor.

People go to jail for things like this.

Except in Westhampton Beach where people file fraudulent affidavits so they can vote, and Board members recklessly discharge handguns with impunity, attorneys forge documents to annex property to which they are not entitled, etc. Life goes on, and we pay the taxes.

4. Hampton West said...

Dean, you know my background. This would not be tolerated in the NYPD - and hopefully, anywhere else.

But to put a slight spin on a Bob Dylan/Traveling Wilburys line: "In Westhampton Beach anything is legal, as long as you don't get caught."

I'll spin an even better line of Robert Towne's: "Forget it, Jake, it's Westhampton Beach."

5. Hampton West said...


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