Do the Math...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Do the Math...

The headline on 27East was of interest:

Hampton Bays man among first charged under tough new DWI law

The story itself was a grabber:

"A Hampton Bays man was arrested Satur­day evening when he was caught driving drunk with his 3-year-old son in the car, according to New York State Police. ... The driver, Mario Rojano, 18, was charged with felony aggravated DWI/child in vehicle and endangering the welfare of a child."

That's "3-year-old," not "3-month-old!"

I may have to acknowledge a heightened sen­sitivity to this subject following my week-daily dose of Law & Order on cable TNT.

This afternoon's bloc led with "Mother's Milk" in which a pair of w-a-a-a-y too-young parents al­low their six-week-old baby to starve to death.

Real/reel life, either way, it comes under the heading of "Babies having babies."

Upon further reflection...

Wherever Señor Rojano was born, or in what­ever culture he was raised, he's in New York now where the drinking age is 21 years old.

Who served/sold him the alcoholic beverage?


1. Hampton West said...

Dang, you're right - I read the article and the under 21 issue blew right by me. So who sold him the alcohol? You raise a good point.

Well, I try. But that some Editor(s) go to the whip with their reporter(s) and send'em back out to get "the rest of the story!"
– Dean

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