The Lone Heroic Passenger...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Lone Heroic Passenger...

...or so one would think from this account in today's New York Times:

Quick Action by Passengers Halted Attack

(At least the updated headline tends to­ward the remedial.)

At issue is what transpired yesterday aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 out of Amster­dam bound for Detroit when one Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab apparently attempted to ignite some flammable chemicals taped to his leg with the intention of disrupting the flight if not destroying the Airbus A330-300 with 296 other passengers and crew on board.

According to Dutch film director Jasper Schur­inga, seated in the same row as Mr. Abdulmu­tallab but across the aisle, in an interview with cable CNN:

"Without any hesitation, I just jumped over all the seats. ... I was trying to search his body for any explosive. I took some kind of object that was already melting and smok­ing and I tried to put out the fire and when I did that I was also restraining the sus­pect. But then the fire was getting worse so I grabbed the suspect out of the seat."

The man observed a situation, reacted and performed admirably!

English is clearly Mr. Schuringa's second lan­guage, so perhaps First Person Singular is the only personal pronoun he ever learned.

"I just jumped. I didn't think. I went over there and tried to save the plane."

Readers may be excused for thinking that any monogrammed "s" on the gentleman's under­garment might represent something other than his family name.


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