Seen at Six Corners...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seen at Six Corners...

...investigated, suspended, then semi-restored (to restricted duty), Officer Joseph Pesapane, handling snow removal duties this week.

How else are Westhampton Beach taxpayers to get any value out of the officer?

With a full compliment of Dispatchers already, neither Pesapane nor Michael Bruetsch need to fill in there, so shoveling snow from around the Police station is a good, stop-gap solution.

It also freed up Department of Public Works resources to attended to post-blizzard duties elsewhere throughout the municipality.

(And, likely in the spirit of the holiday, the DPW union didn't file a grievance over the "scab labor.")

Still, when the DPW rank'n'file learn that the snow-shoveler-in-blue earns over $87k (plus benefits) and that's without any longevity pay, that would give them a potential "if him, why not us!" to play during their next contract negotiations.


1. Old Timer said...

Dean, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a happy and healthy New Year.

A question for you since you're back on the police issue: where does the Westhampton Beach line stop? I am wondering why there was a Westhampton Beach police SUV leaving the airport recently? Perhaps Trustee Hank Tucker could explain why one of his officers was out of the Village in a Village vehicle.

After all he is a self-appointed commissioner of police. Are they now allowed to patrol the airport????? This is the second time in the past week I've seen our police coming from there. Is this a new sector???? Just what happens if he gets a call, does he have to put down the cheese cake, or can he take it "to go?"

Just how could Hank answer this? Of course, more lies!!!

Just another tidbit of sneaky Hank and his buddies, two of whom are on desk duty while others are leaving the Village while on duty and we're paying the tab.

  1. The Village boundary stops well-short of Gabreski Airport proper, the part where Holey Moses Cheesecake is, which I infer is a key element of your inquiry.
  2. Despite the "good buddy" relationship Trustee Tucker enjoys with various Village Police officers (including the one against whom the bulk of the since white-washed charges were leveled), none are "his officers." Rather, they are the Village's Police officers under the command of Chief Ray Dean... at least that's the way it's supposed to work.
  3. I don't believe that Trustee Tucker is any sort of "self-appointed commissioner of police," though... if I understood the resolution correctly, he and his cohorts made him the sole liaison to the Police Department.

    There is, however, some question as to whether that resolution was legal and binding.
  4. My understanding is that Village Police would only be authorized to be at the airport if in pursuit of someone fleeing the Village, or if a request for aid was made by the Sheriff's Department or possibly Southampton Town Police.
You're correct, though... Village taxpayers are getting stuck with a large and unnecessary tab for a Police Department out of control because of the intereference by the Village Board.

But a Merry Christmas to you and your extended family as well, OT.
– Dean

2. Laughing said...

That's a great question, Old Timer. I was wondering the same. I think it's the same truck that says "122" on it. It's always in Remsenberg parked in a driveway on White Birch Lane for hours at a time. Do they take their cars home with them?

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