Christie's takes a PR hit...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christie's takes a PR hit...

...or why corporate attorneys should leave the media statements to their flack-catchers!

From today's New York Law Journal:

Trekkie's Suit Against Auction House Fails to Live Long, Prosper

The précis: some schlub of a fanboy with more cents than sense, dropped $24,000 for some "Star Trek: The Next Generation" props at auction, only to discover they were fakes.

Describing his experience as "embarrassing and emotionally disturbing" in his court filing, Trekkie Ted Moustakis sued Christie's for more than $7 million, charging the famed auction house with "willfully and in bad faith" failing to deliver authentic merchandise.

Yesterday, Moustakis'­ suit was dismissed by a New York appellate court which held that the conditions of sale, in describing the merchan­dise as "as is," precluded said schlub from re­covering any damages.

So even with "prestigious Christie's," the time­less doctrine of caveat emptor applies.

And with that court decision, a corporate at­torney felt the need to get involved:

"Sandra L. Cobden, senior counsel and head of dispute resolution at Christie's, said the auction house 'welcomed' the decision and said the sale remains an 'entertainment highlight in the memorabilia' market1."


Her firm has just skated around a significant fraud perpetrated on a customer, and she's publicly celebrating it as an "entertainment highlight?!?"

In the interest of rebuilding some sort of faith and credibility, Ms. Cobden should clean out her corner office.

  1. This was elsewhere reported as: "The sale was and remains a fantastic highlight in the memorabilia market."


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Ya lie down with "Trekkers" (the preferred term, I believe), and ya get up with intergalactic egg on your face!

I guess it's "Ol' Anything for a Buck" Christie's at this point... it must be the economy.

2. Matlynn Carville said...


Frank, I'm choking on my lunch, you maniac!!! One should never laugh so hard with a mouthful of tuna salad.

Wonderful! Perhaps I can hook the two of you up for New Year's.

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