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Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Updated 12/20/2009 – 00:46 am

At least two members of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department drew their service weapons this afternoon during a snow­ball fight at 14th and U streets.

(Raw footage-language advisory.)

The plain clothes officer who initially drew his weapon is an MPD Detective named Baylor. The name of the uniformed officer who came to his assistance with a drawn pistol in not known at this time.

It is unclear just which "Use of Deadly Physical Force" guidelines are in effect in the District of Columbia, but it's a good bet that these offic­ers violated them.

(YouTube video of scene immediately pre­ceding the above embedded video.)

And we thought the Westhampton Beach cops are out of control!

Still, there is historical precedent for this type of event... it occurred in March 1770 and was known as the "Boston Massacre."

It also involved the throwing of snowballs.


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