Report from Downtown...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Report from Downtown...

...and the inaugural "Winter Farmer's Market."

There was a great deal of activity around noon­time, and the Speir family did its best to make it successful... Jeanne spent money like a sailor in San Diego, primarily at Steve's Salad Dress­ings and Carson's Farm Vegetables!

And from the folk's at Dark Horse Pâté&Gluten Products1 set up inside Shock Ice Cream, we learned that ducks are still being farmed in Aquebogue and potatoes grown on the North Fork... the once thriving industry didn't totally succumb to the golden nematode.

Thanks to the draw of the Farmer's Market, there seemed to be considerable foot-traffic in the downtown area.

In the midst of it all we got mugged by an adorable little munchkin hawking $10 raffle tickets for a local girls' soccer program.

Unusual for this time of year, no Santa was in sight. There was, however, a large red "Elmo" figure on the scene.

(We later learned from businessman-about-town Ed Kuroz that "Santa" had been delayed as his vehicle had struck a deer while en route. The horror!)

And while Erin Finley was well behaved, Elyse Richman relapsed and insisted in taking up not one, but two (2!) parking spaces in the area instead of parking in the municipal field behind the stores.

(Ye Gawds, whatever's going on in there, it smells good inside Sydney's!)

Also noted that at 12:42 pm in an area alive with children, there was a black SUV traveling above the speed limit East to West along Main Street as the driver yakked on a cell 'phone.

Predictably, there was no police presence at the time... presumably those who should have been patrolling were off congratulating them­selves on their coup de department.

  1. It seems that should be "Gluten-free Products," but it's their business!


1. HighHatSize said...

Dear Dean,

I wasn't there, but perhaps they did mean "gluten" products. The gluten is the part of the wheat kernel that contains all the grain's protein and is highly elastic.

Gluten is often used in vegetarian products since it can be made to imitate meat with the proper additives and seasoning.

Perhaps you're right... thank you for the elucidation.

2. Hampton West said...

Given the latest doings within the Village PD I'm glad to see something positive going on. Stopped by myself and spent some money, Main Street looked good!

Sorry I missed you... would have been good to catch up.

3. Carrie said...

The Dark Horse chocolate cupcakes were delicious, but I missed Julie Jacobs - did you see her table anywhere?

Wasn't she stashed in with Dark Horse and Steve Price?

4. EastEnd68 said...

My pet peeve -- seeing Shock vehicles parked on Main Street -- otherwise a good day and a welcome treat seeing the market back.

Elyse doesn't care... and when she gets nabbed, she wants to know why she's being singled out when "everyone else is doing the same thing."

5. Matlynn Carville said...

I LIKE her truck! Lizzie Duerschmidt's too. They brighten up the nabe and lend some pizazz. Why, I might even consider parking in the back just to hang out in a cool place with such classic vehicles parked on Main Street, men. Lighten up! It's decorated with filthy rich Bentleys in the summer, so why not? That prissy "losing customers" doesn't resonate with me. Jeez!

Madame seems a little unclear on concept in this matter.

6. EastEnd68 said...

The issue is the 2 hour parking limit on Main Street.

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