Canada is lost...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Canada is lost... least the Eastern provinces are!

This link was passed along by my Lodge 1201 brother Rob, and the mind boggles!

Lego gun sighting leads to police takedown

The salient features are:

"Across the street, Michael Dent was work­ing in his third-floor loft. He saw what he thought was someone assembling a fire­arm, so he took some photos and called the police."

(Probably in precisely that order, too!)

"'I don't really like guns right beside me -- and then it turned out to be Lego,' Dent chuckled."

Ho ho? Really?!?

"But he added, 'My girlfriend is moving in with her daughter and stuff, and it looks right into our loft where we sleep, so no, not cool.'

Dent said the door of the office was shut, and it never is, so for all he knew, some­one might have been laid off 'and about to go postal, so that's why I called.'"

Mr. Dent, it would seem, is suffering from a condition known as enuresis ignavus, or cowardly pants-wetting, brought on by a condition of hoplophobia.


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

That was probably a pretty colorful "gun."

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