The Press nails it

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Press nails it

At times OtBB has felt like a voice in the wil­derness, speaking out... yes!, opinionatedly... on matters about which I feel strongly.

It's often frustrating to discover that enough others aren't sufficiently motivated to demand that changes be affected and wrongs righted, and I wonder what it takes.

After last week's stunning arrogance by the Trustees at the December 2nd meeting in quashing the extensive and thoroughly documented Suffolk County Police Internal Affairs report charging two Village police officers with a total of nine specifications, I had a sense that this might have been the outrage which causes a sizable reaction.

(Trustee Toni Jo Birk is included even though she ducked that meeting... by design I'm convinced... since she stated yesterday that she would have backed the others in ordering Chief Ray Dean to drop the charges and reinstate the sus­pended officers.)

Well, while the named police officers are ac­cepting congratulations from their cohorts both within and without the police department, and Trustee Jim Kametler is congratulating himself on thwarting Chief Dean's attempt to keep his force in line, others are looking at what tran­spired, and wondering WTF!?!

The latest is The Southampton Press Western Edition with their sole editorial this morning... except they're not wondering, they know!

Calling the Trustees' actions "indefensible, the editorial goes on to say:"

"...board members should have focused on the facts, all of which were meticulously outlined, and presented to them in detail by independent investigators whose job is to investigate police officers."


"Investigators concluded that Officers Bruetsch and Pesapane both lied in a failed attempt to cover up their actions. And there should be repercussions to show them, and other officers, that lying is never acceptable behavior for police officers."

And the crux of this particular matter:

"If lying by police officers goes unpunished, the entire department loses credibility, and it is disconcerting, to say the least, to con­template what the effect of such a loss of credibility could be on future court cases."

Is there a sole around who doesn't think that the defense will play that card if Linda Kabot's DWI arrest ever gets to trial?!?

And The Press has taken the gloves off with Trustee Hank Tucker, also:

"Those paying close attention to recent events at Village Hallnamely the grand­standing by Mr. Tucker, as he repeatedly (and falsely) insisted that it was the Village Board and not Chief Dean who de­manded the external investiga­tionrealize that this newly forged political alliance will do everything in its power to push Chief Dean out the door, even if it means giving a free pass to two police of­ficers who lied to cover up their misdeeds."


And before anyone dismisses the editorial for whatever reason, remember The Press has an advantage no one reading this has had... they have an authenticated copy of the Internal Affairs report, and they have read it.

Unlike the Trustees who've dismissed the IA report because it didn't come out the way they wanted, the newspaper has accepted it for what it is: documentation of criminality by members of the force that should have dire consequences.


1. Old Timer said...

Thank God, finally the actions of this board are being brought to light. After watching the video I had to think, if looks could kill, Tucker would have been taken out in hand cuffs!!!!! This guy had to know he was once again caught with his pants down. We have to watch the ex-cop who is coming out of the woodwork, looked to me like he's being groomed to be the new buttboy.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Which ex-cop?

By a process of elimination, "Old Timer" must be referencing deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler... though I don't quite see him in the role of anyone's "buttboy." He's just someone with a personal agenda who Levan and Tucker humor in exchange for his majority vote.

3. Old Timer said...

No, I don't mean Kametler, I mean Neil Hanrahan. His sudden interest and the Nutberger's slip of the tongue, make me think there may be something in the works.

Of course there's something "in the works." I think I already mentioned this last week.

4. Paramarine said...

No integrity.


5. Laughing said...

Neil Hanrahan. What is he going to do, become a Trustee to try and pay the people of Westhampton Back back for the 20 years he pretended to be a police officer. You thought Jimmy K. was a joke. He's the dog dirt on the bottom of Jimmy K's shoes.

Dean. Heard a rumor that the Westhampton Beach PBA paid Bill Keahon $10,000 out of PBA donations to represent those two cops. You think people knew where there money was going when they made a donation to them.

Don't know much about former P.O. Hanrahan except that he went out early on a health issue, and was given some "time" toward his retirement, and that he wasn't much of a "go-getter" when he was on the Village job.

As for the $10k retainer to Keahon, my sources confirmed that the PBA did this two weeks ago, even though they already pay their regular attorney, Allen Kranz, $14,000 to represent them.

6. Surf's Up! said...

I feel like no one in this Village is doing the right thing for the right reason any more ... I guess that's why certain people enter politics. I am very nervous about the future of our Village.

As well you should be... but what took you so long to get this concerned?

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