What the Mayor said...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What the Mayor said...

In response to those OtBB readers who've wondered exactly what Mayor Conrad Teller said in his statement following the Trustees squashing of the Suffolk County Police Internal Affairs report, here ya go:

Disciplinary Charges
It is my opinion that the disciplinary charges identified in an official investi­gation initiated and participated in by the Village Board must be heard by an independent hearing officer for the following reasons:
  1. The investigation found numerous charges of alleged lying. These charges must be vetted and cannot be swept under the proverbial rug. A Police Officer has to testify under oath to his actions taken on many occasions from a routine parking ticket to actions in County Criminal court. They cannot be left under a cloud.
  2. Failure to move forward with due process may seriously diminish internal discipline within the Village Police Department. Popular Officers must be treated in the same equal manner as unpopular Police Officers!
  3. To just take 'no action' on this matter constitutes a failure to uphold your obligations as duly elected Village Trustees. The potential cost of a hearing is a lame excuse. The Trustees asked for and received an independent investigation. The fact is that the investigation gave findings that you did not want. You can believe what you want. Until this matter is adjudicated by a legal hearing, with sworn testimony, providing the right to cross examin­ation and hear witnesses, it's only your opinion which is based on un­substantiated whispers and rumors. It tends to call into question the investigation conducted by an out­side independent agency requested to participate by the Board of Trustees.

Westhampton Beach, in the mid-'80s, survived an out-of-control Mayor. I'm not sure that the Mayor, or the Village, for that matter, can survive an out-of-control Village Board.


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