There's a reason why...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

There's a reason why...'s called "dope," as we learn from cub re­porter Will James' story on 27East:

Police seize marijuana plants, guns in Flanders

"Mr. Tarello told officers he had been grow­ing marijuana legally in California before he moved to New York in March and that he thought it should be legal to grow here as well, police said."


A clue as to Mr. Tarello's state of mind at the time the constabulary showed up at his home might be found in the following:

"Police also said Mr. Tarello cooperated with officers during his arrest."

Let's see... from California, acting mellow when the Southampton Town Police's Street Crimes Unit arrived with a search warrant... yup.

I make it prohibitive odds that Tommy Chong is one of Carl Tarello Jr.'s role models.



1. HighHatSize said...

Did you notice the big revolver in the photo. It looked like a Smith & Wesson .50 magnum.

Yup, a Mag-Na-Ported Smith & Wesson Model 500, and probably an S&W Model 625 as well.

The real shame is the two M1 Garands which are headed for the police property room and then likely destruction. There are those with whom you've done battle on 27East who'd cheer at the thought, but I'm, saddened and I suspect that you are as well.

2. HighHatSize said...

I suppose that the cops destroy all firearms that they confiscate for political reasons. That never occurred to me.

While we might view it as "political reasons," I'm sure they see it as "practical."
– Dean

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