No, not 'enemy action'

Monday, December 07, 2009

No, not 'enemy action'

Got several heads-up yesterday informing me that OtBB was down, and wondering if it was due to some nefarious activity by the troika.

Naaah!, just some DNS problems in a cyber-galaxy far, far from here.

That this is being read means that whatever the difficulty, it has been resolved.

Coincidentally, this occurred several days after several people within the municipal complex discovered that they were unable to access OtBB, and feared that someone... no names, please... had sabotaged the blogspot.

The complaints had come from those who had been met with an intercept screen when attempting to read Thursday's "They always tell you..." entry.

It seems the Village's "'Net nanny" security software had somehow "read" the provocative image of Solange Magnano, and "blocked" all access to that page!

(Or perhaps it was the word "buttocks.")

Various individuals at Six Corners were need­lessly but understandably alarmed.


1. EastEnd68 said...

I honestly thought the Village idiots ordered Brian McGinnis to put a stop to you.

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