Every Picture Tells a Story

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

And no, this isn't about Rod Stewart, rather one of those moments when someone... in this instance The Southampton Press' Hallie Mar­tin... clicked her lens shutter at pre­cisely the right second, and deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler's mug was captured for posterity.

It may even become the iconic image of the man's sordid career.

A glowering Trustee Jim Kametler

(For context, this is Ms. Martin's original photo from which the accom­panying head-shot was cropped.)

To set the stage, it was the December Village Board meeting and Kametler had sailed in, all but snickering about the turd bomb he was set to drop on his old boss, Chief Ray Dean.

It was to be his biggest night since the July 2007 meeting when he got to read the reso­lution terminating me as the Village's Web­master, a task he had openly relished.

On this occasion he was nattily dressed in a black suit and shirt and bright red tie... as if he'd just come from auditioning for a cartoon remake of "The Godfather."

He was sure that the add-on resolution direct­ing Chief Dean to immediately reinstate the two suspended Police Officers, was going to get a big reaction... wailing, gnashing of teeth, perhaps even the swallowing of his service weapon... and that the Kametler Revenge upon the man who refused to make him a detective a decade ago, would be all but complete.

But no, it was not to be... the Chief remained stolid in the face of the Trustees' shameful res­olution, and the cocky, gloating sneer slowly ebbed from the doughy Kametler visage as he realized his moment had been denied him.

Ms. Martin's photo was taken shortly after that, and perfectly captures the glowering anger of his personal defeat.

On a larger stage, it might have been deemed Pulitzer Prize-worthy.


1. Angel Face 13 said...

The Importance of Being Hated ... is a reason they say, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!"

Opaque as always, Madame.

2. Old Timer said...

Perhaps the best way to bring this all to an end is to abolish the police department. Ray could retire, the good cops will find another position, the crooks of the PD can go on the unemployment line, they don't want to work anyway. The Village residents will save tax money, the useless dispatchers can go home and watch TV after they sign up for their unemployment check. Laveen, Tucker and Kametler can continue to ruin the village, 'til maybe, people wake up. Maybe Joan's connection can get Newsday back to put the story on page one again. This latest action of the Board certainly is an insult to anyone with a sense of right and wrong. These cops are guilty of behavior that is serious, their punishment amounted to nothing more than a paid vacation. Hank must think we're all stupid if he thinks his reason is justified, these guys are his buddies and we all know it. Perhaps I should have said puppet instead of buddy. These people will stop at nothing to undermine the Chief, even reinstating dirty cops who have been proven to be guilty!!!! How do the people not demand answers?

We shall see... if this latest crap doesn't do it, then Westhampton Beach is lost.
– Dean

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Let's go to the videotape....

Yes, dear... perhaps Monday.

4. Old Part-timer said...

Mr. Blogger, I believe "Old Timer" is right. Put the key in the door. The few hardworking cops will be picked up by another department. The Chief will finally get some peace, and the taxpayers who voted those morons into office will get what they deserve.

Ironically, that was the other choice Mayor Bob Strebel was considering when he engineered Ray Dean's transfer to the Westhampton Beach PD ten years ago.

Should've worked out, but for Jim Kametler's hitching himself to Timmy Laude's "star" in 2004.

5. HighHatSize said...

Unfortunately, if the Westhampton Beach Police Department is abolished, the Trustees will find that the police force willing to take over policing of Westhampton Beach for the least money is the Southampton Town Police Department not the Suffolk County Police Department.

Westhampton Beach would trade a corrupt(?) police force for an incompetent police force that is more expensive and autocratic.

I don't know of any mechanism short of an act of the Suffolk County Legislature which would enable SCPD to patrol East of Brookhaven.

It's not a matter of money; Southampton Town would assume responsibility for policing the Incorporated Village.

I cannot speak to their competency, only their cost which the incoming Supervisor has given no indication that she will be able to control... if she even has an inclination to attempt.
– Dean

6. Hampton West said...

Mr. HighHatSize;

I share your views about cost and the Southampton Town PD compensation – but the Village force makes the Keystone cops look competent - there are good guys on the Village force and I bet they'll find employment – but the rest of the crew - oy vey!

You know what sort of schmucks the Village MOS are? They have no idea of how good they have it!
– Dean

7. Hambone said...

If Westhampton's winter population is some 3,000, what exactly are they policing in the off-season? Let's assume ages are evenly distributed (i.e. there are as many children under 10 as there are persons over 70... not wholly true but let's just run with it). That means there are roughly 400-500 people in each decade. Children under 10 and adults over 50 are not career criminals so that would lop off 1600-200 people over 50 and under 10 that could be criminals. Given the numbers a sheepdog could manage the remaining populace.

I think your base assumptions are flawed, perhaps because you should be talking about Westhampton Beach, not "Westhampton," #1, and, #2, last I looked, the Village's year-'round census was just shy of 2,000.

Still, you raise a good point, and given the way that the local MOS have for decades abused their positions, and the current Village Board has sought to undermine the positive steps Ray Dean has effected... starting with Toni Jo Birk's bogus "shift work studies" rationale for interfering with MOS schedules... disbanding the Department may be the only viable option.
– Dean

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