A Slip of the Lip?

Friday, December 04, 2009

A Slip of the Lip?

Quiogue nutburger Irene Barrett, not-so-sotto voce to former Village Police Officer Neil Han­rahan as former Deputy Mayor Victor Levy was addressing the Village Board Wednesday:

"He's running against you next year!"

Now Mrs. Barrett is a hate-filled harridan who loves to interject herself into Village business for reasons best known to herself.

But she also seems to have an inside track with the Trustees troika of Levan, Tucker and Kametler, the latter of whom served on the Westhampton Beach Police Department with Hanrahan.

Was that an inadvertent "early announcement" by the nutburger?

Hanrahan was rumored to be interested in run­ning last June, but never filed a petition.

He is also married to a local attorney who probably thinks she would make a nifty Village Attorney and would love to cut her municipal teeth defending the Article 78 Proceeding by Winhaven Realty against the Village.

(Earlier today information was received that at least two Trustees are now pre­pared to vote to appoint Village Attorney Hermon Bishop Special Counsel to de­fend the Village in that action.)

But it will be interesting to see if Mrs. Barrett tipped Hanrahan's hand with her "excited ut­terance" Wednesday evening.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Is Herman Bishop competent to assume this role? Are the Trustees approving him to make sure the Village fails and "Winhaven" wins? No offense, Herman, but it sounds like you are ignored and bypassed by the Trustees.

Then the more fools the Trustees! (But then we already know that!) Mr. Bishop is more than capable of handling something like this, if the troika would let him do his job.

Joan Levan likes the developer's plan for the North Mall. Her buttboy Ralph Neubauer has tried (twice) to reach into the ZBA to influence their determination, and she apparently thought that if the Village didn't respond to Winhaven Realty's Article 78, then it would wind up being "approved by default."

She hasn't clue the first about how the process works, and she's been too arrogant to listen to Mr. Bishop's very sound legal counsel on this matter, so yes, there is some validity to your "the Village fails and 'Winhaven' wins" scenario... that seems to have been the Empress of Oneck's plan.

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