This Evening's Agenda

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

This Evening's Agenda

...for the December Village Board meeting could be an explosive one.

The agenda, per Village Law set by Mayor Con­rad Teller, contains three items of partic­ular interest:

  • Appoint Hearing Officer to conduct a hearing Re: disciplinary charges
  • Approve transcription/stenographic services Re: disciplinary charges
  • Authorize suspension of employees pending hearing Re: disciplinary charges

The "disciplinary charges," of course, are the ones preferred against suspended Westhamp­ton Beach Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane following a more than six month investigation conducted by the Suffolk County Police Internal Affairs Division at the request of Police Chief Ray Dean.

There are eight (8) charges pending against Officer Bruetsch and one against Officer Pesa­pane, both of whom have been suspended, with pay, since October 23rd.

Over that seven-plus week period, the cost to Village taxpayers in salary and benefits has been in excess of $30,000.

The third of the three resolutions, if approved by a majority of the Village Board, would con­vert those suspensions to "without pay."

And there's the rub....

Trustees Hank Tucker, Joan Levan and Jim Kametler, who had agitated for the investiga­tion when they thought it would show Chief Dean and Officer Steven McManus in a bad light, have been dragging their feet on the next step, acting on the charges, since the report, leaked to The Southampton Press, revealed that Chief Dean acted properly and that Officer McManus was an unwitting victim.

Additionally, Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk is scheduled to miss this Board meeting, so Mayor Teller's resolutions may be met with a non-seconding stonewall.

If that scenario unfolds, we will almost certain­ly be met with a torrent of gum-flapping semi-coherence by Trustee (and 2010 Mayoral pros­pect) Tucker in an attempt to explain why it's not really stonewalling or a cover-up.

Stay tuned... more news by 9:00 pm.


1. Paramarine said...

I’m curious to learn if the $30K represents wages and benefits for these officers only. More to the point, does that figure include additional labor costs that one would expect to be incurred when you have to make up for a shorthanded schedule?

Could be a productive line of inquiry. Thanks.

2. Susan said...

It's 9:07 p.m., what's taking you so long?!

As David Crosby of The Byrds and CSNY used to say, "We tune because we care."

I strive to "get it right," and sometimes that takes a little longer!

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