'Cyber Monday' is upon us...

Monday, November 30, 2009

'Cyber Monday' is upon us...

Updated 11/30/2009 – 09:16 am

...and you could have knocked me over with a discount code for a stack of CD-RWs.

M'Gawd! It even has it's own .com and .net Websites, and it's all new to me!

Today is the fourth observance of the "event" created by the National Retail Federation trade group, presumably to afford on-line mer­chants parity with the "Black Friday" bust-out success hoped for by the bricks'n'mortar stores.

(At least one can avoid being trampled by sleep-deprived anxious shoppers!)

I don't foresee actively participating in "Cyber Monday," since I never "shop" in the most common usage of the term.

I've never had a need to just "buy" something.

If, however, there's something I need or want for some reason, I'll "shop" for price, features and availability.

Nothing suggests itself to me at the moment, so I'll likely go to bed tonight with the same balance on my credit card as I began the day.

"Cyber Monday?" [snort!]


Inclined to go nuts today with a mouse in one hand and a credit card in the other? Here's a useful site courtesy of my wife: FreeShipping.


1. Jeanne Speir said...


I truly think it's a matter of "Gender Genetics."
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Of course, you are referring the the Shopping Gene, identified by Nobel Prize winners Watson and Crick?

Yes, dear.
– Dean

3. Frank Wheeler said...

What is all this "Yes dear" stuff? Are you that "whipped?"

As Heinlein long ago noted: "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."

But then, you're not married, are you?
– Dean

4. Rob F. said...

What better opportunity to observe the modern evolution of the hunters and the gatherers?

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