Mrs. Kabot, you might want to...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mrs. Kabot, you might want to...

Updated 11/30/2009 – 11:16 am

...give Tiger Woods a call as you may have some valuable experience to share with him.

While his early Friday morning one-person ve­hicular accident in Florida was almost certainly not alcohol-related, you more than most know how people love to talk!

And, yeah!, any advice from a lame-duck Town Supervisor would probably be of the "don't-do-as-I-did-do-as-I-say" vari­ety, but you sure have "street creds" on that count, so you'd be worth listening to.

(And as soon as he hears "Southampton," he'll take your call, hoping you might have some tips on playing Shinnecock Hills... he certainly botched the U.S. Open there back in '04.)

And, Heaven and the shade of Vince Cannuscio forbid!, that something similar ever happens to you (again), Mr. Woods could share some of his post-event strategy.

(Like shut up and let your lawyers do the talking, and don't be E-mailing media... you know all they're interested in!)

So, give him a call and offer your experienced support... it could pay a dividend in the future.

It's too late for this election cycle, but you're young, an experienced administrator, and as Ahn-auld likes to say, you'll "be baaaaccck!"

And having a Tiger in your tank couldn't hurt.

Someone after my own pedantic heart...

I would refer readers to Michael Tomasky's superb "The excellent grammar of Tiger Woods," after which all else is superfluous.


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