Good Evening, Tough Morning

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Evening, Tough Morning

Washed out of our jaunt upstate... the weather in the Catskills starts getting a little dicey this time of year.

To mitigate Jeanne's disappoint­ment, we dined at the Triangle Pub last evening, and had a good and eminently affordable meal before re­pairing to The Patio for an early nightcap... and a major shock.

(A minor shock was that a glass of wine and a hooker of rum at the bar cost half as much as had drinks and dinner.)

There, in the "entertainment corner," was a guitar duo comprised of Grant Werner on lead and, handling rhythm, Jim Hulme, displaying a talent heretofore unknown in this quarter.

A clue to their musical selections may be found in their collective name, "The Boomers," coin­cidentally the same as that of my cousin Rick Clifton's larger band up on the coast of Maine.

Jeanne and I were pleasantly surprised, es­pecially as we were leaving I discerned the unmistakable opening bars of The Band's "The Weight," one of the '60s great rock songs.

And I must say, I'm glad we stuck around for that as The Boomers did a thoroughly credible job considering the vocals are for three, even four-part harmonizing voices.

And as surely as day follows night...

The bad part of this morning is that for the first Saturday since June, the Farmers Market on Mill Road isn't up and running.

What I miss most about that is not being able to conveniently bring home a bag of Rovente's "Espresso Dark Chocolate Extreme" biscotti.

And since we had to scrub our trip to Margar­etville, I can't stop at the Pine View Bakery on Route 28 and stock up on some of their extra­ordinary giant biscotti.

I'm undergoing such withdrawal that Jeanne is taking pity and preparing some biscotti for tomorrow morning.


1. Beth Flanagan said...

I'm a huge fan of the Boomers - you should absolutely find the time in your schedule to hear them again.

I know Jim Hulme is local... is Grant Werner as well?

2. Frank Wheeler said...

Thought you weren't real fond of Jim Hulme.

While I don't much care for Mr. Hulme's ethics as an attorney, or the money he's cost the Village with those practices, I'd like to think I can separate those things from his musicianship.

We're not likely to ever take in a ballgame together and go for a beer afterward, though.
– Dean

3. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

In my early youth, my parents use to take me and my siblings for a week's vacation at Max Cass in Margaretville.

4. Michael Jacobs said...

Grant is, indeed, local although I don't know if he and his family has been here since the year of the flood. He is an active member of Westhampton Rotary (as is Jim) and in management at Speonk Lumber. He has always made time in his busy schedule to entertain or provide the sound for a range of local civic organizations inluding the Friends of the 106th Rescue Wing and the Business Advisory Board at WHBHS. During the Farmer's Market season Mr. and Mrs. Werner can be seen (and Grant can be heard) at their booth selling a variety of botanicals, skin care items, etc. The Boomer's often entertain at the Westhampton Steakhouse Friday Happy Hours... and now the "big time" at The Patio. I heartily agree with Beth... make time in your schedule to hear them again... and agree with you about "The Weight" and pretty much everything The Band ever did.

Thanks for the background.

There have been in my never-quite-humble-enough opinion, three great rock films... there used to be four but upon older reflection, "The Girl Can't Help It" is of value mostly as an artifact of a time before "videos."

One, of course is "Woodstock," while the second is "The Kids Are All Right."

The third, and for me the best, is... most appropriate to this weekend... the Martin Scorcese-directed "The Last Waltz" featuring The Band and "friends."

I could wax enthusiastic and rhapsodic about it for hours... just look at the line-up of talent! And the "Special Edition" DVD contains even more gems than did the original 1978 release.
– Dean

5. Elyse Richman said...

The Farmers Market will continue. It will be along the alley outside Shock Ice Cream and in Sydney's (she will have some vendors). Shock Ice Cream will be hosting some vendors, and I believe it will also be along Glovers Lane by the Chamber Office, They were outside of Sydney's and Baby Shock this past weekend, not many people knew but we are trying to get the word out and hopefully they can stay here for the Winter.

Thank you, Elyse... this is much more effective than Twitter, don't you think?

6. Tugboat Bertha said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say this blog is more effective than Twitter or Facebook, but it is certainly in the mix. If you'd get on Facebook or Twitter you'd see how many folks you know are able to keep in touch with each other. Twitter and Facebook are the party-lines of the 21st Century.

Sure... if you still suffer from adolescent skin problems.

7. Jeanne Speir said...

Not for the pimply, dear. They have moved on to their Smartphones. The usage of Twitter and Facebook is increasing now only in an older demographic group. Bertha must be over twenty-five, and more likely over forty to use the systems as the party line equivalent of the new millenium. Neat analogy!
See these links:
Growth of Twitter and Facebook Use by Age Demographic.
Twitter Use Declines Further.

If I thought that you were actually sneaking around and Twittering behind my back....

8. Ray Overton said...

More on The Boomers: Grant has been a member of local bands since the '70s. Dean, you may remember a group name "The Bridge Gang" that played at such memorable local haunts as The Mad Hatter. In the '80s, '90s and '00s, Grant was also part of "No Exit" which entertained at the Montauk Highway location of Tequila Flats (now Micole's) and more recently Friday evenings at Cupsogue in the Summer. Once "No Exit" exited, Grant and Jim hooked up for Rotary and other local charitable events as The Boomers. Now, as Beth indicated, they play some great happy hours and one great 50th birthday party this past Summer put on by Terrie Bauer and my lovely wife Christine (Fred and I turned 50 on the 3rd and 4th of September). For us middle-aged locals that still yearn for the glory days of live music and dancing in the Hamptons, the Boomers are truly a helluva lot of fun. Jim would probably put you on his E-mail blast for their schedule if you ask "nicely."

Goodness! I had no idea.

I'll pass on "the blast," though. But I definitely support Mr. Hulme's endeavors at an alternate career.

9. Rob F. said...

Twitter is what you make of it. For many it is just another forum for vacuous personal messages and ramblings. For others it is a way of micro-blogging important info, most notably annotated links to more substantial content. The key, and difficulty for some, is communicating effectively in 140 characters. Those incapable of being pithy should look elsewhere.

Given my own disposition toward the full flower of language and fondness for arcane constructions, me 'n' Twitter got no future! Just this is 157 characters!
– Dean

10. Westhampton Beach Winter Farmer's Market said...

Due to the overwhelming success of the 2009 Farmer's Market, we are excited to announce the new Winter Farmer's Market Pilot Program. Winter Saturday's from 9am-1pm located inside a variety of downtown locations. Sydney's "Taylor" Made Cuisine (103 Main St.) will host Nick the Pickle Man, Carson's Farm Vegetables, Ed the Egg Man, Tara the Fish Lady, & Mecox Cheese. Shock Ice Cream (99 Main Street) will host Steve's Salad Dressings and Soups, Papa Pasquale's Ravioli, Gourmet French Cuisine, Julie Jacobs with Gourmet Specialities, Cathy's Jams & Jellies as well as Dark Horse Pate & Gluten Products. Pine Cone & Respectable Collectibles (7 Glovers Lane) will host Diane's Delicious Pumpkin Bread. We are working on getting Rovente here for you Dean so you can still get your Saturday morning "Espresso Dark Chocolate Extreme" biscotti fix.

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