Update on the 'female terrorist'

Friday, November 20, 2009

Update on the 'female terrorist'

...with a camera, an "assault weapon" and a metallic silver convertible who was arrested on Country Road 31 outside of Gabreski airport on July 30 for her photographic activity.

Nancy Genovese, age variously reported as 49 or 53, of either Quogue or East Quogue, has had a trespassing charge against her dropped by the Suffolk County District Attorney.

The original event was discussed here, as well as on 27East, shortly after it happened.

No comments were entertained on the news­paper's Website at that time, but when the follow-up story hit 27East...

Trespassing charges are dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base

...the pants-wetters (species ignavus en­uresis) were unable to control themselves!

"Would you prefer the police just ignore the next person with a trunk full assault rifles and ammo?"

(Ms. Genovese was reported to have a semi-automatic rifle, a shotgun and "500 rounds of ammunition," although she states that there were no more than 160 rounds since she was on her way home from the range.)

"The real story is what the heck is someone driving around with 'XM-15 assault rifle and a shotgun—both registered and unloaded—in her car, and an estimated 500 rounds of ammunition in her trunk?'"

(But since her firearms were perfectly legal, that no one's business, is it?)

"She was arrested because she was armed to the teeth with deadly weapons and enough ammo to invade a small village."

(Hyperbole aside, clearly one firearm would be excessive for that commenter, who fails to recognize that any "weapon" is potentially "deadly."

The same person subsequently posted:)

"The facts are that no civilian in this country has any reason to own an XM-15 assault rifle - which is the same weapon used by the DC sniper."

(Far from a "fact," it is also not for him to say what anyone else's "reason" is! And what does the recently demised "DC sniper" have to so with anything other than an attempt to incite further hysteria among the pants-wetting hoplophobes!)

"She could have started a war with what was in that car."

(Well, perhaps in Quiogue or Sagaponack, but two guns and 500 rounds is hardly enough ordnance to even get something started in Andorra!)

But enough of the silliness on 27East where anyone is permitted to post just about any ol' thing they want.

Ms. Genovese, who has commented here as well as there (as "mystcstar") has asserted that this shameful event has so far cost her "$53,000 out of pocket."

I daresay that she will reclaim that sum plus a whole lot more in a Civil Rights action against the Sheriff's Department, and perhaps even Undersheriff Joseph Caracappa who arrested her in July.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Well that's one way to generate some money in this depressed economy: take a Civil Rights action against the Sheriff's Department.

Well, when an an Undersherrif does something this stupid and this illegal, absolutely! It's the neo-American way. And taxpayers have to foot the bill!

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