A new day and more litigation...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new day and more litigation...

...from Kelly&Hulme, P.C., those wonderful folks on Mill Road who've brought us, among other law suits:

Comes now, we learn from this morning's news, "Owner of Westhampton Beach strip mall files appeal."

Now this may be another example of Mr. Hulme shuffling papers for the purposes of generating a fee, but it's also costing the municipality money as well.

Another aspect of this requires further inquiry, that being whether, as the 27East item sug­gests, the developer is being represented by "Jim Hulme of Kelly and Hulme" as a member of Kelly&Hulme, P.C., or by "Jim Hulme" on his own.

(i.e., does the name Kelly&Hulme, P.C. appear on the papers served on the Village last Friday?)

A recent change in the law and an on-going investigation by a judicial ethics panel make the answer to that question a critical one.

The apparent conflict of interest of an attorney, being Mr. Hulme, involved in litigation with a municipality in which his law partner, Robert A. "Gus" Kelly, serves as Village Justice, was discussed here in May 2008.

This is a developing story.


1. Hampton West said...

Interesting. The mall looks to be about a third empty and they want to expand it?

2. Eileen Dover said...

I believe they want to attract more medical clients and if they were to improve the property and enlarge it they would be able to attract those clients.

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