November Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Trustees Work Session

This promised to be a brief meeting as the agenda was short and neither Trustees Toni Jo Birk nor deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler were present this evening.

As is increasingly commonplace, however, ap­pearances can be deceiving.

A considerable amount of time was devoted to one calendered item in particular, "Hampton Synagogue Special Exception," and neither Nutburger Irene Barrett nor neighbor Michael McBride were in attendance!

Jacqueline Sprotte from Mineola by way of Pond Point, was there... along with, without ex­aggeration, a 3½-inch thick looseleaf binder chock-a-block with newspaper clippings and court decisions about synagogues and other religious institutions.

(I "get" Mr. McBride as an aggrieved bounder, but how inconvenienced a neighbor can Mrs. Sprotte be since Pond Point is even further away, as the harpy flies, than the Nutburger nest on Nota­miset. This approaches "an obsession.")

For all the time spent discussing the "Syna­gogue question," little was resolved, and as Village Attorney Hermon Bishop noted, the Special Exception Hearing on the application was heard, and closed, at the regular session of the Village Board earlier this month.

The evening's other "biggie" was the issue of deer control fencing, stemming from a Seafield Lane resident's desire to protect his flora by installing a 7½-foot on his property line.

Deer are an issue on a number of levels in the Village. Free of natural predators and with in­cautious vehicles failing to keep pace with the burgeoning populace, the Board has been reluctant to establish any sort of "season" in which the herd could be thinned by hunters with bow or shotgun.

They are a danger to traffic, and the damage they do to landscaping is incalculable... my wife's battles against the nocturnal depreda­tions of deer are epic, and date back more than a decade to her years in Hampton Bays.

And now, like the coda to one of Stephen Vincent Benét's "Nightmares," they no longer limit their activities to the hours of darkness.

(Had a four point buck glare at me for interrupting his feeding one 6:30 am last month... not 25 feet from my house!)

But as has become commonplace, no firm course of action was decided upon.

The Work Session, better attended than most, was called after 75 minutes... and the subject of the Village Police Department was never broached.


1. RedHeadMom said...

Dean, do you have something against Bambi?

Personally? No!

My wife, on the other hand, as I've elsewhere noted....

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