O, sweet honey mustard, redux!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

O, sweet honey mustard, redux!

"Reporter" (and I use the term advisedly) Lisa Finn and the East End Independent now seem to have their sights set on Westhampton Beach and the Village's Police Department.

After reading the tripe passing as reportage on page 9 ("Momentum Builds for Kabot 'Conspir­acy' Theory") and the lead editorial in the Nov­ember 18 edition, it's apparent that they've been had by Linda Kabot's attorney and certain members of the Village Board.

And it's equally apparent that they don't care!

One is reminded of Charles Foster Kane's directive to a reporter advising his newspaper that there was no war in Cuba:

"You provide the prose poems. I'll provide the war."

Hot off bringing down an East Hampton Town administration... which few will argue didn't need ousting... Indy must be feeling its oats.

At the root of the purported "conspiracy" is the alleged "We got her!" 'phone call following Supervisor Kabot's Labor Day DWI arrest in Westhampton Beach.

Ms. Finn, raising suspicion that her last job involved hiking up her skirts and whistling at sailors, writes:

"Although no one will go on the record, the belief of many Westhampton Beach Village insiders..."

("Many?" How large a sampling was taken, and what constitutes a "Village insider?")

"...is that Officer Steve McManus, who was on the scene with arresting officer Ryan Lucas when Kabot was pulled over and ultimately arrested, may be the common denominator – and the "loose cannon" be­hind the "conspiracy."
  1. "Common" to what?
  2. What "conspiracy?"
"The finger, clearly, points at McManus, some say."

Who said? And on what basis?

"Although unwilling to go on the record, some highly placed Westhampton Beach insiders..."

(And we're not supposed to know that other fingers clearly point at Trustees Jim Kametler and Hank Tucker!)

"...have called McManus a 'loose cannon' who is facing opposition from his fellow police officers1 after the suspension of the pair."

Since Finn and her "highly placed insiders" are coy about who those suspended "pair" are, for the record they are Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane.

It is instructive to note that the only one act­ively "on the record" in the article is Kabot's current attorney, William Keahon, and in both police work and actual investigative journal­ism, this is known as "a clue!"

In one sense, Keahon's ploy is fiendishly clever, defending three clients in two separate matters with a single pail of mud.

But it doesn't withstand any scrutiny.

Are there cliques within the Village Police De­partment? Absolutely!

And if one looks, you'll find that Bruetsch and others who prefer the "old ways" (cooping2, performing private jobs while on duty, etc.) on one side of things, and officers like McManus who actually do the job for which they were hired, on the other... which happens to be the side that Chief Ray Dean has always come down on.

And that's the real rub... and what led quite directly to this past Spring's failed putsch against Chief Dean.

I won't delve into Indy's lead editorial this week... it's more of the same, only worse as it is replete with factual errors.

But then it's an "editorial," and not parading as "news," #1, and, #2, Editor Rick Murphy declared himself when he entitled September 9th's story about Ms. Kabot's DWI arrest, "Sloshampton Shocker."

We expect this type of crap from Newsday and the city tabloids; when it comes from a local media, it's especially galling.

Worse yet is that the actual "victim" in this matter, Officer McManus, who got a full clean bill of health in the Suffolk County Police Internal Affairs report, is the one being beaten up by Keahon and the Indy.

  1. Consider the implication: McManus has a handgun surreptitiously removed from his locker, reports it, and for this is "facing opposition from his fellow police officers."
  2. Even in plain light of day!


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