Mitzvos on a Monday

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mitzvos on a Monday

Mitzvah: 2. any good or praiseworthy deed. Plural: mitzvos.

And while that might be a tad overstated, still it's good to come home with positive feelings rather than anger or disgruntlement.

The first stop on the day's chores was Sunset Avenue to return a bag full of bottles and cans in the machines in Waldbaum's vestibule.

Ennnt! Not today, folks! A large hand-lettered sign advised that the cans machine was out-of-service, and "Sorry for any inconvenience."

"Any inconvenience?!?" I've got two week's worth of cans that I've gotta haul back home!

Muttering dark maledictions, I fed the plastics machine, collected the redemption receipt, and headed inside to the service desk.

Resigned and calm, when I got the attendant's attention, I inquired:

"Exactly when are we to return to redeem our empty cans?"

Blank stares all around... but wait!

After several minutes of non-responses and confused glances among staff, store manager Diane Cassone took charge from behind the upper plexiglas partition and directed one of her charges to cash in my cans!

Good executive decision!

And I didn't even have to glower at anyone, or threaten to tattle to the Empress of Oneck!

This was my second positive interaction with Ms. Cassone... I am encouraged!

And I actually left Westhampton Beach Wald­baum's with a couple of extra bucks in my kick, and pleasant thoughts in my mind!

Next up was True-Value (née Petty) Hardware to address a non-functioning MiracleBeam LED light my wife had purchased there in August.

Not an expensive item, but it was relatively new, had just quit working last week, and when it comes to flashlights, if replacing the batteries doesn't work, I'm out!

(The bulb issue doesn't apply to LEDs.)

The first hurdle was successfully negotiated when no one there could make it work, either.

(One thing I dread is exhausting all my own remedies, then returning an item only to have the lowest level clerk try something I'd completely missed.)

After another ten minutes of fooling around with the little light, another executive decision was made, this time by Darryl Schunk, and the item was replaced... or, more accurately, up­graded since they no longer stocked the orig­inal product.

Nor would they allow me to pay the difference.

I left happy, and returned home without any deposit cans or bottles, and a new, improved light for Jeanne's pocketbook.

It was a good afternoon... one gets to a certain point in life where we take our pleasures and victories where we find them.


1. Hampton West said...

I once went to Tru-value (Petty) on a Sunday about 5 minutes before closing looking for a washer for my kitchen faucet -- the fellow who helped me started looking through all sorts of boxes and drawers -- it was now 15 minutes after closing -- my help was now joined by two other employees who quickly caught on and said "Ah!, you live on base housing?" I hate that label since there has been no base since 1970 or so -- but -- 45 minutes after closing -- a washer match was produced -- cost? 29 cents!!! Talk about service! I go there all the time even if I know I can get an item cheaper elseware -- the service is outstanding!

All the more remarkable since, after Grimshaw & Palmer closed it's doors, they've been "the only game in town."

2. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

I am always amazed at your multilingual abilities.

My blushes.

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