Went around, coming around

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Went around, coming around

It is said that a good litigator or debater can convincingly take a position or argue a point, and then turn around and argue the other side of the issue with equal success.

Now we're going to find out just how good an advocate attorney William Keahon is.

Remember Mr. Keahon? People should... he was lame-duck Supervisor Linda Kabot's most recent attorney-of-record on her Labor Day DWI arrest, the man who (with the assistance of Village Trustee Hank Tucker) has tried to make the conduct of the Westhampton Beach Police Department the focus of his client's legal problems.

The Village was this week notified that Mr. Keahon, who has a home on Dune Road, would be representing suspended Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane in their hearing on charges relating to another officer's missing handgun earlier this year.

Adding an element of intrigue to this situation is that the owner of that handgun was the Supervisory Officer during Ms. Kabot's arrest.

It is unclear at this point whether these rela­tionships would present a conflict of interest for Mr. Keahon, or even if he still represents the out-going Supervisor on her DWI matter, currently scheduled for trial before Riverhead Town Judge Allen Smith on December 10.

No date for the Bruetsch/Pesapane hearing on departmental charges has been set.


1. Tugboat Bertha said...

Are you implying that Bruetsch/Pesapane were the arresting officers in the case of Linda Kabot's driving arrest?

Years past when we were a sweeter, gentler society, the police took tipsy drivers home to sleep it off rather than toss them in the clink. This Kabot situation is baffling. There's been no evidence before or since Kabot's arrest that she has a drinking problem. She went to a party and should have driven straight home. If she were driving erratically in Quogue where she lives, wouldn't it have been a whole lot nicer if the Quogue cops got her instead of our local police?

And on a related note, did anyone notice how Channel 12 repeatedly reminded the voters all day on election day and into the night that the incumbent supervisor, Linda Kabot, had been arrested for drunk driving? To remind the voters of this still unproven charge over and over on election day may well have lost the election for Mrs. Kabot. I, for one, hope she is proven innocent.

  1. Good Gawd, NO! How did you manage to infer that?
  2. In years past, police had much greater discretion than they do today!
  3. Are you kidding?!? Quogue annually leads the immediate universe in DWI arrests... it's been suggested that DWI fines are what keep the Quogue Village tax rate down.
  4. Dolan-owned Channel 12 is scum (as is Newsday), but Mrs. Kabot lost this one on her own, not because of News12, Newsday or the Southampton Town PBA.
– Dean

2. HighHatSize said...

It's a natural fit and no conflict of interest. It is in Kabot's interest to impeach the credibility of the cop who arrested her. It is in the suspended cops' interest as well since the Supervisory Officer is the cop whose gun they allegedly stole and about which they lied.

All three clients will benefit.

Most conflicts of interest are often the "appearance" of a conflict, so we shall see.

3. Eileen Dover said...

Oh, the drama of it all!

4. Hampton West said...

Remains to be seen about the PBA - I have my doubts there - it seems now the PBA president not only supplies the Town cops with uniforms but also guns! (assuming the 27 East comments are true). But yes, there may be a conflict of interest here - fasten your seat belts!!!

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

No, I'm not kidding when I say it would have been "nicer" if the Quogue police had busted Mrs. Kabot instead of our Village police. If this had been the case, the turmoil between our Village Board and our Police Department would not have been part of it the story. So, although it might not have been nicer for Mrs. Kabot to suffer a Quogue arrest, it surely would have been nicer for Westhampton Beach.

6. HighHatSize said...

I believe that you are mistaken when you say that Quogue DUI fines may be keeping the hamlet afloat. While significant, they pale before the revenue from the speed trap that Quogue maintains on Montauk Highway. Midhampton Avenue is their favorite fishing spot. They lurk there just off Montauk Highway, and "radar" cars as they head west around the bend at Phillips Creek where the speed limit drops by 10 mph.

In the past, I have found the Quogue cops to be the most genial. They have given me a lift home when my car died, ferried me across a flooded section of Dune Road, and never once asked me if I had been drinking! (I hadn't.)

That was offered as a facetious remark... note the qualifier "suggested."

Hadn't noticed the speed trap, so thanks for the tip.

With two exceptions (once in 1971 and the second in 2005) I've found the police in Quogue to be courteous and thoroughly professional. And once in 1985, they extended a courtesy to a member of my family that was w-a-a-a-y beyond what one would expect from another jurisdiction... but they are hell on DWIs, and, no!, I don't have a problem with that!
– Dean

7. Matlynn Carville said...

What Fathead said... my family has gotten more traffic tix in Quogue than anywhere else in the world!

  • Hey!, play nice now or you won't be allowed to play at all!
  • Perhaps you and others in your family should either stay out of Quogue, or pay closer attention to the traffic control signs!

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