Happy 234th, Marines Everywhere!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 234th, Marines Everywhere!

USMC Eagle, Anchor and Glove

...especially friends no longer with us, from Bill Winters, Jr. and Jim Kinane, Sr., to Colonel Richard Fredey and Al O'Connell.

S.F., you are all missed!

OtBB heard from the son of one of them today to remind me of the date, and to mention that a young man from Sag Harbor, Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, was going to be featured in this year's Commandant's Birthday Message.

For their actions in Ramadi, Iraq, Haerter and Corporal Jonathan Yale were awarded the Navy Cross, which medal has special significance to my own family.

Thanks for the heads-up, J.T.


1. Hampton West said...

Jim Kanane - God Bless, least we forget - a great guy.

2. Paramarine said...

I kinda liked that guy also.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

Hey, Paramarine and Hampton West, I worked with Jim Kinane at Stony Brook. We all donated time when he needed it. A true military man to the end -- ALWAYS by the book! Made ya wanna scream. But possessing a dry humor; human, learned, compassionate and a more ardent professional, you'd be hard pressed to find. A true Marine.

Also lost my Vietnam Vet (Army) older brother Jim to cancer a couple of years ago -- he never made age sixty.

Try to stay away from that DU ammo, dude. It seems as Agent Orange was to Vietnam, likely nuclear waste was in the WWII Pacific (my two Navy uncles succumbed very early to cancer), ya can't be careful enough. Thank you and bless you for your service. I hope someday we find better ways of resolving our international power struggles. We need you guys safe and whole and home.

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