Favorite Line o'the Month

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Favorite Line o'the Month

Wallace Beery

Gravel-voiced, rumple-faced Wallace Beery (1885-1949) was an acquired taste for many, but during the '30s he was one of the most reliable box office stars on the MGM lot.

For the last decade of his life his appeal declin­ed, and today he is remembered less for his Oscar-winning role as "The Champ," and more for his frequent appearances opposite Marie Dressler, most notably in "Min and Bill," "Tug­boat Annie" and the great "Dinner at Eight."

But it was in one previously unknown to me, "The Bugle Sounds," which played on cable TCM last month which gave me a good laugh.

Set on an Army post shortly before America enters WWII, Beery is a gruff old cavalry cam­paigner who gets into a loud squabble with a rival for the affections of his long-time camp-following girlfriend, Marjorie Main, some years before she sank into her signature role of "Ma Kettle."

When matters look like they're about to esca­late, Beery tells the other man:

"This clinches it. Take out your teeth be­cause this is going to be a famous massacre!"

Well, I guess you have to hear Wallace Beery say it.


1. Hampton West said...

I also saw this movie - a lot of fun - very overlooked actor.

I love the old stuff and go out of my way to watch TCM when they do the pre-code movies as somehow I got to think a generation knew nothing about sex - well they knew what the score was!! Catch some those movies - I think its occasional Thursday nights.

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