Personal Liability...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Personal Liability...

...must not have been a consideration with the member of Village Government who "leaked" the Suffolk County Internal Affairs report to The Southampton Press.

This is likely be due to a lack of familiarity with Westhampton Beach Village Code, specifically §15-4.A(2) which provides:

"The Village shall indemnify and save harm­less its employees in the amount of any judgment obtained against such employees in any state or federal court whenever such action, proceeding or judgment is for puni­tive damages or exemplary damages aris­ing out of a negligent act or other tort of such employee committed within the scope of said employee's duties."

Does the one who leaked the confidential per­sonnel documents to the media really think that such an act was "within the scope of said employee's duties?"

Easter Egg Hunt

Who would be stupid enough to think that?

Or, in the alternative, who would be stupid enough to not think about that provision?

The list of candidates grows narrower.

And it could be very expensive if the suspend­ed police officers decide to bring a Federal Civil Rights action against the municipality.

The Village would be indemnified by its insur­ance carrier, as would those with access to the report who weren't party to the "leak."

The culprit is out there on their own, and puni­tive damage awards... which are commonly multiplied in cases where an act is intentional, could make the WFL bond pale in comparison.


1. Angel Face 13 said...


Don't know... I'm more concerned with what you're about?

2. Here's a 20 for your troubles said...

Luv the Easter egg. Lets hope THEY find out who did it.

Delighted you "got" it.

Things like this are rarely done in a vacuum, so it'll come out eventually... even if they have to put each member of the Village Board on "the box." And with that amount of money at stake, you can bet they will!

3. Matlynn Carville said...

You can go on and on about this everybody; but it seems to me "stupid enough" has been skating around the long arm of the law for so long Bubba Clinton is jealous of his Teflon coating. I would wager the suspended police officers have so much on their plates they'll not be chasing after anyone else.

Thhey won't be doing anything official for the foreseeable future since they're suspended.

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