November Village Board Meeting

Thursday, November 05, 2009

November Village Board Meeting

Short agenda, longer meeting thanks to a pre­sentation before the Village Board by attorney James N. Hulme, Kelly & Hulme, P.C. on behalf of... wait for it... The Hampton Synagogue.

(And if the irony requires elucidation, pass by.)

Counselor Hulme must have realized that he had a "tough sell" on his hands, because he was uncommonly well-prepared as he deliv­ered his brief for granting of a Special Ex­ception permit for the expansion of the use of the premises on Sunset and Brook.

And if one listened closely, one could discern the acknowledgment that "Yeah!, they've al­ready been doing this for many years now, but now they'd like to do it legally."

While that part was down-played, bounding neighbor Michael McBride brought it to the fore with lengthy testimony of his own, less in opposition than as a plea for the Trustees to grant any approval in a meaningful way... i.e., one where the conditions would be enforced.

(Translation: the Synagogue has been a poor neighbor over the past 15 years, and two others on Woodland Avenue have already sold and moved. Please do something.)

The Village Board took the matter under advisement.

In another matter the Board appointed a part-time Police Officer, Kevin Nolan, and shipped him off to the Police Academy to learn, it was discovered upon questioning, how to become a part-time Police Officer.

Nothing was mentioned about the story in yesterday's Southampton Press regarding the Suffolk County Internal Affairs investigation of the Village Police Department which led to the suspension of Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane, so questions were asked during the Public Discussion portion.

And... surprise!... no one would respond be­cause it involves a "personnel matter."

The only information learned, in response to a direct question, was from Trustee/Police Liai­son Hank Tucker who again averred, as he had in the news story, that he had not read the 100-page report because he didn't wish to be prejudiced in case he had to sit on a hearing panel to decide the fate of the two suspended officers.

This must be evaluated in the context that it was Tucker who, in the October meeting, first made public the news that there was an IA investigation while demanding that the Trustees be given a copy of that report.

As the report shows, Tucker lied when he repeatedly asserted that it was he and the other Trustees who initiated the IA investi­gation rather than Police Chief Ray Dean.

(If we've already learned anything from this, it's that when we see Hank Tucker's lips moving....)

We now await the report and recommendations of the Village's Labor Counsel to see how the Board proceeds.

O, and the rumored Police presence at the meet­ing failed to materialize... unless one counts the attendance of PBA President Jeff Speer who was disguised as a dumpster diver who had wandered in out of the cold.


1. The Quiogue Kid said...

Call me a stereotyper but I find it mildly amusing a Catholic lawyer defends a Jewish synagogue... thought Jewish lawyers defended law-breaking Catholics.

I knew you'd "get" it.

2. Jimmy Bond said...

OK, soooo Dean, when will you be an agent of change? Time for a new broom....

Well, I tried it the conventional way two years back, and that didn't work out so well.

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