Not to put too fine a point...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Not to put too fine a point...

Updated 11/07/2009 – 12:45 pm

...on the matter, but this just in from one of the OtBB faithful who couldn't resist.

Tymann signage
Tymann signage

Brian Tymann was the "new kid" of the Trus­tees, having been appointed to fill out Scott Strough's unexpired term in 2007, and then winning election his first time out later that year with 6,376 votes, or 13% of the total.

Except that he wasn't really a "kid," being in his early 30s at the time, and this election he pulled 5,535 votes, or 12.06%, to finish just over 500 behind Bill Pell and only 74 votes ahead of first-timer Chris Garvey.

And it's not hard to see where he went wrong in the eyes of the electorate.

Since Tymann wasn't yet a Trustee at the time of the original meetings with the Westhampton Cemetery Association, he has no first-hand knowledge of what transpired in the meeting during which the Association avers that they were encouraged by the Trustees to acquire land in order to have something to swap.

But not only did he not stand up for his "home area" when the Association's application was being heard, he seemed to be the point man in opposing the land swap.

A 27East report from June quotes Tymann:

"If they bought the property without other approvals, it’s reckless. It’s reckless to have a conversation and then buy land."


"We’re not able to give them access to the landlocked parcel." [Any attempt to sue the Trustees] "is a waste of money, time and taxpayer dollars. It is unreasonable be­cause we’re trying to help them."

If Tymann's quotes in the news stories seem counter-productive to working toward a solution, his responses to critical on-line Comments to various 27East items seem petulant, combative and lacking in maturity.

One example:

"The land that the cemetery wants was given to the Trustees to protect. What don't you understand about that? The cemetery cannot obtain and develop our parcel, plain and simple. We've offered to work with them to find alternatives but they are too emotionally bent out of shape that they would rather bash the Trustees."

That fails the Public Servant Attitude Test.

Someone with the stature of a Bill Bennett or an Ed Warner Sr. might get away with that sort of crust, but not a "new kid."

The electorate's response was decisive at the polls, and the dirge heard is for young Tymann's political career.

From the OtBB Way-Back Machine...

...and Bill Pell when he ran two years ago:

"Actually, I'm running against one Republi­can in particular, Brian Tymann. He's arro­gant, inexperienced, and I don't like the way that he and his buddy Marc Stinchi play the game. And, apparently, neither do a lot of Republicans!"

Slow and steady wins the race, eh?


1. Susan said...

Mr. Tymann dared to "take a stance" - in today's politics, that can be suicidal. Wishy-washy seems to win the votes, and he took the fall.

Mourn not for young Tymann! The fall he took was for Eric Shultz and the rest, including that clown Havemeyer, and they left him out there on his own. I wish him well.

2. Eileen Dover said...

You are wicked funny!

Thank you, but pass by the Cemetery. It's there.

3. Jimmy Bond said...

Tymann's "stance" was no stance at all... he failed to educate himself on the facts, preferring instead to wholly disparage those in Westhampton who are concerned about the cemetery. Both his immaturity and arrogance worked to unseat him. Do you think the remaining Trustees "get it" yet?

Why would they? They all won re-election.

4. Hunt Marckwald said...

This will go down as a classic. Too good!

5. Tugboat Bertha said...

Yeah, the rest of them did win re-election. Too bad. They all deserved to get canned.

Well, certainly Havemeyer and I think a case can be made that Shultz should go as well.

6. Ray Overton said...

What has been remarkable to me through this whole inane debate (calling the two-acre parcel between the cemetery and the residential development pristine is myopathy at its greatest) is that no one has contacted Scott Strough for his recollection of the process. He would probably be the most accurate source since he no longer has anything to lose.

My information is that this has already been done, although I am unsure whether Mr. Strough wishes to go on the record.

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