Annona Anon

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Annona Anon

As two blog-readers have recently informed us, the restaurant atop Westhampton Coachworks has gone the way of Chappy's Corner and The Red Fox.

(Damn! Jeanne and I were saving up for a return trip, having so thoroughly enjoyed our maiden voyage.)

The closing came as something of a surprise, if not a shock!

A 27East story last May, "Westhampton Beach luxury car dealer and repair shop files for bankruptcy," included the following:

"Annona Restaurant, which Mr. Rubio also owns, located on the second floor of the building housing Manhattan Motorcars of the Hamptons, is not in Chapter 11."

What happened?

That very question was posed to automotive impresario Rich Rubio on Monday, and he said that he and his partner in the property had a final, unproductive meeting one week ago (October 28), and that he felt that he'd run out of viable options.

Now Annona is no more, and the likelihood is that Old Riverhead Road will again have a de­mised premises at that location, once the site of the final iteration of George and Alice Dres­cher's The Quogue Emporium.

Memo to Fratelli Bottero...

Pietro, if you and your brother like the area, I know of a place down on Dune Road that might be good for you look into.

Jus' sayin'....


1. Pietro Bottero said...

Thanks Dean. Trying my hardest to reopen Annona in the Westhampton Beach area. Lived in Manhattan my whole life. Never found as much happiness then living here in this amazing village. I believe Westhampton Beach to be the best Hampton not the worst. Let's all try and stick together and support our community and the commerce it needs to grow and shine. - Pietro Bottero

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