Best Political Mailer of '09...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Best Political Mailer of '09...

...Southampton Town category, goes to the Pell-Garvey shot across Docker's bow.

Or in this case, Larry Hoffman's dock.

The face of the mailing piece:

Latest Pell/Garvey mailing piece

"Tell Larry to take a long walk on a short dock"

The reverse side copy includes:

"Responsible Town Trustees would never have permitted it."

...with the "it" being:

"...a 16-slip dock in front of Docker's Rest­aurant, which would turn a pristine and shallow cove into another marina."

Strong issue... clever copy... I like it!

Where I think the Pell-Garvey campaign miss­ed out was on an even stronger issue, at least West of the Canal: the Trustees' betrayal on the Westhampton Cemetery land swap.

O, well....


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

That is clever, however the Westhampton Cemetery group has done a fine job of publicizing the betrayal. I think that the results will show at the polls.

They have to the extent that the issue probably impacted badly enough on Brian Tynann enough that he was edged out.

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