Who is Anna Throne-Holst...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Who is Anna Throne-Holst...

...and where does she come from? What do we really know about her?

She burst onto the Southampton Town political scene two years ago, almost out of nowhere, and got elected to the Town Board as an inde­pendent running on the Democratic ticket.

All anyone seemed to know about her was that she was attractive, a single mom of three, and lived in the Noyac area.

One of the columnists in The Southampton Press made a fuss over her, dazzled by what he termed "the hubba-hubba factor," but then he's a guy and guys are susceptible to stuff like that.

(As "a guy," I know about these things.)

And yes, Ms. Throne-Holst is certainly a comely sort, a gal in her late '30s I thought.

In her Press profile last week, her age was listed as "50."

(In Friday's endorsement, Newsday said she was 49, but then Newsday routinely gets it wrong about anything on the East End.)

When my wife heard she was 50, her first re­action was "then she's had a lot of work done," adding "and very good work."

(A gal-pal of Ms. Throne-Holst counters that the woman eats a lot of fish and hits the gym on a daily basis.)

O, and yes, she has a dog which she used to take into her office at Town Hall 'til she was informed that she was violating policy.

So who is this woman, and what of her prior life?

She's kept her background kinda on the down-low for some reason, almost like she's a Man­churuian Candidate.

Prior to her chrysalis as Anna Throne-Holst, she was Swedish-born Anna Gerschman, a founder of the nonsectarian, alternative private Hayground School.

Why Ms. Throne-Holst is keeping this informa­tion close is best known to her... we know that Hayground was founded in 1995 out of a con­troversal split from Hampton Day School.

If there's been any hint of impropriety there, I'm unaware of it... or why she'd be shy about her involvement with the school.

Politically, Anna Gerschman ponied up $1000 contributions to Tim Bishop (twice) and How­ard Dean, variously listing her location as Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton.

There's very little about this on her campaign website for some reason.

This is all fascinating stuff, but I don't know what any of it means.


1. The Mink said...

When it all comes to a head, your Republican bias always shows....

Really? I think the only honest charge you might level is that my curiosity always shows.

Do you think I've hit on something particularly sensitive with the former Mrs. Gerschman?

2. Betty Boo said...

Why is it that description of a woman candidate includes looks, age, opinions of "work done" and then, only then, is there any comment about professional resume?

A fair question, but why is it that women spend so much time and money on their "looks?"

3. EastEnd68 said...

Well written – you ask all the right questions. I'm surprised someone did not write this a month ago. Thanks.

For my part, I didn't have those questions to ask 'til yesterday.

4. Redhead Mom said...

"The Mink said... 'When it all comes to a head, your Republican bias always shows....'"
It appears that in the case of Anna Gerschman Throne-Holst, her $1000 donations to Howard Dean and Tim Bishop, shows her Liberal Democratic bias.
Do ya think? She declared herself on that count last year with he carefully-timed appearance at an East End OLA meeting.

5. Hampton West said...

If she wins then I'm disturbed by the PBA support for her. They will get a fat contract out of her.

She did win, and win big. But she's got a GOP majority as Malone, a Conservative in Republican clothing, won as well. So even if Throne-Holst appoints someone like Fleming or Pope to replace herself, she doesn't have the votes unless she can force an alliance with the term-limited Nancy Graboski.

6. Jimmy Bond said...

And now she's Supervisor-elect! BTW, I suppose you could pose some of these same questions about any one of the candidates and their backgrounds (revealed and unrevealed). Aside from being curious, what's your point Dean?

I fly no false colors, JKB... haven't you learned that by now?

I was genuinely surprised to uncover that information about AT-H, mostly because I never gave her background much thought. I took what I saw at face value. There were some things I didn't like... the carefully orchestrated appearance before the East End Latino group last year, the cynically opportunistic shot at The Boardy Barn earlier this year... but when I became aware of the Gershman = Throne-Holst stuff, I realized that the woman had almost materialized overnight.

That type of thing interests me. And if it doesn't you, pass by.

Or if you think there's something else going on, you're wrong.
– Dean

7. Jimmy Bond said...

I suggest nothing nefarious, my friend. It just occurs that editorial boards, candidate profiles and voter forums should be getting at the very thing you legitimately raise... and for the record, even as I disagree with those backing Kabot, Anna needs to get a quick schooling on her responsibilities and especially her need for a strong fiscal management team. She needs to pay better attention than she did as a candidate to her own staff and their obligations on her behalf.

Okay... thank you for the clarification.

All eyes will now be on "the replacement process," and everyone will have their own ideas on who she should pick. Pope will have a year's experience, and there's precident (and cover, cf Russo) if she wants to go that route.

But would Ms. Pope want to have to run for office four straight years?

8. David Willmott, Jr. said...

Hey Dean; what is the precedent? First of all the appointment is by the Board as a whole not one person even the Supervisor. This is not an advise and consent process. Secondly when Russo was appointed he was the runner-up, but he had not already served. I know little of Ms. Pope but would seem the major difference here is that the voters went thumbs down on her after having seen her on the job. Arguably it is an oversimplification.

Yes, it is an oversimplification, David. But it doesn't matter since there will be a Special Election early next year to fill the vacancy, and it'll be interesting to see who the two parties put up.

And it'll be a straight-up, head-to-head contest, with no coat tails involved. The Democrats have a couple of ready-made candidates, but who will the GOP offer, William Wright?

9. David Willmott, Jr. said...

By the way, at least to the extent the information is correct on the BOE site, the voters approved replacing the appointment process for vacancies with special elections.

Yes, that was approved 5,666-to-2,877, or 88 votes shy of two-to-one.
– Dean

10. Jimmy Bond said...

Even as it pains me to agree with a partisan (although very decent Republican like Willmott the Jr.), he is right about Pope. The Democrats, the Supervisor-Elect and the Democratic Party would be "nuts" to put up Pope again... incumbents lost last week, don't we get it? New blood, new ideas... even after only a year. But sorry, Sally, aloha!

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