I had to chuckle...

Friday, October 30, 2009

I had to chuckle...

...when I saw the photo of Town employee Marie Deuel on the front page of the current Southampton Press Western Edition.

The humorous part was the large CSEA sign she was holding... it read:

Southampton Press photo by Dana Shaw

Oooooooooooh! And is that ever going to come back to haunt her!

Earlier this year, just before the-powers-that-be started closing the Westhampton Transfer Station on Wednesdays, I'd made my weekly trek to "the dump" and was emptying my carefully segregated plastics, glass and metal into the designating container when I was assailed by a shrieking harridan!

It was Ms. Deuel, the new (to me) custodian of the Westhampton site, and she was loudly castigating me because that I hadn't further segregated my plastics.

(Plastics encoded with the numbers "1" and "2" can go in with the recycled materials, while other numbers must go in the Town's green garbage bags! My main problem was that I couldn't read some of the embossed numbers.)

Bewildered... her volume lessened the clarity of the content... at her tone and by her words, I finally returned in kind.


And she did!

(I even think she might have been a bit chagrined at her loss of "cool.")

In more modulated tones she tried to explain the differences in the grades of plastics, and how things were supposed to go.

It's bothersome, sub-segregating #2s from #6s... but then I remember a time not all that long ago when we were expected keep clear, green and brown glass separate when re­cycling at the dump!

The coda to all this is that while me'n'Marie aren't buds yet, she doesn't yell at me any longer, and I do make an effort to exercise greater care in sorting our recyclibles.

But gee, I wish I had one of those CSEA signs to whip out in case Ms. Deuel ever relapses.


1. Susan said...

Great story!!!

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

O ho ho, my friend, that is a perfect essay and I LOVE the punch line. Thanks for the laugh.

3. Hampton West said...

Hey, she yelled at me one day! Didn't know her name 'til I saw this photo. I told her to "Calm down, its only plastic," and she did!!!!

Until this moment, HW, I really thought that she was just having a bad day. I guess maybe she's burned out in that job.

4. Betty Boo said...

She pretty much yells at everyone - kind of like the mean hallway monitor.

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