Good Deal, Great Meal

Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Deal, Great Meal

We'd been avoiding Annona ever since some friends mentioned an $83 steak they'd had there four years ago.

I don't think I could enjoy an $83 steak... even if someone else was picking up the tab.

(The most expensive steak I ever ate was $33.05 in 1979 dollars, and that was a 42-ouncer at Big Barry's!)

Never heard a bad thing about the place above Westhampton Coachworks, though, and when I picked up a card advising that the $30 prix fixe was available for $24.95 Sunday through Thursdays, Jeanne had made a reservation before I could make the suggestion.

It was one "good news/better news" thing after another, starting with the fact that the prix fixe menu wasn't as limited as some we've come across in the past.

(And while I was at it, I peeked at the regular menu and couldn't find anything close to an $83 steak anywhere on it!)

We sampled each other's appetizers and decid­ed we'd chosen well: Jeanne went with the Butternut Squash Soup, and I had something indecipherable1 which turned out to be melted cheese on bread with shallot marmalade!

Our entrées looked to be on the small side... hey!, that's nouvelle cuisine for ya... but both satisfied.

(Jeanne even wound up taking a third of her Scallops and Asparagus home with her.)

I had some large ziti-type of deal... Riga­toncini, I think it was called... in a pork ragu, and it was both incredible and filling.

(Filling is good... I like that "filled" feeling.)

Our third course was substantial. Jeanne had the Apple Crisp with Vanilla Gelato which we both liked. I opted for the superb Linzertorte which Jeanne felt was more the size of a Linzer pie!

Good thing, too, since she ate half of of it and vowed to make that her choice in the future!

The service was attentive without being ex­cessively solicitous, and our waitress had a young Bebe Neuwirth thing going for her.

As for the tariff, with (modest) tippling, tax and tip, the two $24.95 prix fixe dinners came to $110, down the elevator and out the door.

Can't do that every night, but the "$83 steak" trepidation is gone so we'll be back to Annona before too long.

  1. Roasted Scamorza with shallot marmallata on toast. I had to look it up.


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

I too am an Annona fan. Glad you enjoyed your dinner!

2. Mattie said...

Peter and I went last year during Restaurant Week and loved the food, but I thought the $7.00 club soda was a bit much.

Whoooooooooooooa! I concur!

3. Rich said...

Seven bucks for a club soda in 2009 seems like a bargain. I worked at The Bath and Tennis in 1981 and Walter Goldstein decided $5.00 sodas were "reasonable." What does $5.00 1981 translate into in 2009?

More than $7.00!

4. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

I have enjoyed meals at Annona, but can Rich compare with a four-foot Barry decked out in his cowboy outfit?

Nope! (Big) Barry Layne was an original.

5. Pietro Bottero said...

Thank you for that amazing compliment. We have tried everyday to improve on the past. Linzer tart is a recent addition. I guess we'll keep it on. Thanks for your support -- Pietro Bottero
General Manager/Executive Chef
Annona Restaurant

And thank you, Signor Bottero, for that amazing meal and also for making yourself known to us.

6. Guy said...

I agree the scmorza and the pasta ragout are excellent! And sunset at the tables in the bar overlooking the Pine Barrens ain't bad either!

7. Jimmy Bond said...

Well, now I've read it all ... Dean Speir joining the Nouveau Riche at a restaurant over an auto dealership!!! What is wrong with this picture????

Next he'll be writing the Viet Nam war was merely a psychological incident.

Dean, oh Dean, come back to your senses... Remember, you have a public that listens to you....

I think you've been celebrating the Yankees victory a little too much. We strive for coherency, and right now you're not passing muster.

8. J.T. Scott said...

"It starts with hugs and kisses and ends in insults..." straight from the horse's mouth. You won't find me in this establishment as long as the Bottero Bros. are doing their dance here. Word has it that the Rubios have sold shares to this sinking ship to help it stay afloat. Silly investors must get a double portion of scmorza on their plate in exchange.

Whatever you intended with this, it's little more than incomprehensible drivel.

The "word has it" thing sounds like something from one of D. Clark MacPherson's blog items, and has just as much credibility!

9. Jeanne Speir said...

That torte was a perfect little pie of raspberry; buttery, delicious and full of fruit. As you may see, I'm a dessert junkie; but my meal was also outstanding. It was their most reasonable prix fixe that made us try the place. It is very beautiful, the wait staff spoiled us, and I was introduced to a most reasonably-priced and delicious Italian white called Vermentino when our waitress allowed me a taste test comparison. If the economy has made restaurants solicit our entertainment dollars, that's great for the consumer. I have many local favorites: New Moon, Post Stop and Finn McCool's feel like home, and have long been our standard bearers. Micole's, a nice newcomer. If Billy ever takes back Magic's, our Winters will be happier. Starr Boggs has been my perennial favorite. In the finest cuisine category, Annona definitely warrants a visit. Thank you for an excellent evening out.

Yes, dear.

10. Mattie said...

I called Annona late this afternoon to make a reservation for Tuesday night and was told by the woman who answered the phone "Westhampton Coachworks" that Annona had lost their lease and would be taking no reservations.


That's kinda nutty if you think about it. Who'll go in there?

Well, at least we got there once. Thanks, Mattie!

11. Barbara Ramsay said...

A friend invited Steve and I to dinner last night and she too tried to get reservations at Annona. It's done! Oh well, guess I'll be doing more cooking this Winter.

12. Michael Jacobs said...

It appears that the entire high end dealership is kaput. Another victim of the economy??? Having that building stand empty on the main route into the Village is not a good thing.

Having that building stand empty anywhere is a bad thing.

Losing another restaurant isn't so good, either.

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