Dune Road Downgrades

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dune Road Downgrades

One minor, the other so major that the ripple effect will redound adversely upon the entire Village.

Chef Todd Jacobs of Tierra Mar/Atlantica is pulling out of the Bath & Tennis Club and heading West.

And anyone who doesn't understand what a significant hit this will be to the already-struggling local economy, isn't doing business in the area.

(Look at those listed on Atlantica's links page, and ask any of them how they feel about the loss of referrals from weddings and other functions catered there!)

Todd Jacobs

Jacobs had worked hard since moving Tierra Mar down from Montauk High­way to establish At­lantica as a "destination" for weddings... good food at a great location with a terrific view of the ocean.

(Yeah, I know... we see it all the time, but the ocean is a big deal to most who don't live near it, and they bring considerable money into the area to see waves break­ing on the sandy shore while they ex­change vows in the salt air.)

There will be some finger-pointing over what actually happened here, but it seems to some­one without any special knowledge of the cir­cumstances surrounding the loss of a key busi­ness, that this was a situation in which the local chamber of commerce might have gotten involved.

It's usually easier to keep something than to go out and find a replacement.

Also (belatedly) noted...

Our old friend Gerry Gertz discloses en passant that the venerable Dune Road Association of which he was once President, has disbanded, dissolved, disincorporated... is no more.

(Yes, 27East broke this news more than a month ago, but OtBB simply missed it.)

Formally known as the Greater Westhampton Dune Road Civic Association, it had been in existence for close to half a century.

While never a major political force, it did "good works" throughout the area and when needed gave Dune Roaders a cohesive voice.


1. Guy said...

I have heard the room that Guy (not me, hehe) Reuge of Mirabelle fame and the large catering and restaurant family of Lessing Bros. will be taking over there. They are not known for hiring locals; but it would definately help business in town to have a known reliable operator and I hope with some goading they will employ from right here instead of bringing in people from up Island!

Hmmmmmn! We watch with interest.

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