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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quogue Confidential

The big surprise involving Mayor George Motz's criminal justice problems this past week was his "naked" guilty plea, essentially throwing him­self on the mercy of Judge Arthur Spatt a week before his trial was to begin in United States Eastern District of New York.

Motz, who 14 months ago had pleaded "Not Guilty" to separate felony counts of securities fraud and document alteration, had made the usual noises about being fully exonerated when all the facts were known...

"We have the facts on our side."
"If it does go to trial, we will prevail."

...but of course no one takes such self-serving gaseous utterances seriously.

Had Motz gone to trial and been convicted on both charges, he could have been sentenced to up to 45 years in prison, as well as fines, not a pleasant prospect for anyone much less a man past 65 years age.

(William Keahon and Linda Kabot please take note!)

The circumstances surrounding Motz's sudden plea to a single count of securities fraud have given rise to rampant speculation as to why he would have pled without having entered into a formal arrangement with Federal prosecutors limiting his prison sentence.

Timing, it is said, is everything, and while those familiar with the Motz case noted that prosecutors had initially offered the defendant favorable terms in return for a guilty plead, the now-former Quogue Mayor rejected it.

He who hesitates is lost

But by the time that Motz had come to terms with his actions and weighed the evidence against him, that train had left the depot.

What happened? Bernard Lawrence Madoff and the public's outrage over the convicted billion dollar Ponzi schemer's fraudulent activities which wiped out so many individuals and companies!

Federal prosecutors suddenly had new sentencing guidelines, and instructions from on high to take off the kid gloves.

And Motz became one of the first to get caught in the "No Deals" switches.

Does anyone think Motz will do the whole 25 years to which his guilty plea exposes him?

Nope, but it's not going to be a six month "Club Fed" slap on the wrist, either!


1. Hunt Marckwald said...

George will be a genuine loss to Quogue. Whatever he did in his "other life," he took great efforts as mayor and never treated the Village as if it was his personal fiefdom (a refreshing change from years past). A lot of us will miss him and wish he and his family well.

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