Ellen dePazzi (1915-2009)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ellen dePazzi (1915-2009)

One of the pleasures of the long hours put in at the local polling place on behalf of the Board of Elections, is seeing the faces of those we might not have seen in awhile.

I mean, everyone who's still upright shows up to vote!

Last November it was especially true, and I noted with delight that within an hour of one another, a trio of local nonagenarians, under their own power, showed up to vote in the National election.

First came my ol' Cub Scout Den Mother, Dotty Dudley, then Buddy Schulberg and finally the irrepressible Ellen dePazzi.

And now, less than a year later, we discover that they've all left us.

Signora dePazzi actually passed away on July 27th, according to the notice in this morning's Southampton Press, "after a short illness."

(Why we're just learning of her death now is unknown... and sad.)

Even well into her 90s, the lady seemed tire­less in her passions, people and art, and left an impressive body of valuable history cover­ing those subjects, mostly taken from her cable public access series.

Another voice silenced by time, and three less to greet at the polling place next month.


1. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

Some 45 to 50 years ago I met Mrs. dePazzi at the Riverhead home of Flo Harding, the mother of Richard Harding. She had with her, her teenage neice from Italy, Francesca Pogessi. About 10 years ago my wife Linda and I visited Francesca at her 300 hundred year old home outside of Florence where we had dinner with her and her husband.

It was the dePazzi connection.


That was, to be precise, the Summer of 1960, and I remember that Summer quite well... I spoke quite a bit of French during the time bella Francesca was staying with her grandmother at the dePazzi home on Bayfield, as it was our only common language.

Three years later I visited Francesca while passing through Firenze, met her parents and accepted their invitation to dinner at their "ranch" just to the North of the city... I suspect the same place where you and Linda visited.

2. Jimmy Bond said...

Ellen dePazzi was a wonderful women. For many of us, she was the voice of, and promoter for, inspiring art on the East End. God bless her.

3. Mary Fitzgerald said...

I learned about Ellen's passing during the Artist Studio Tour this summer. I kept waiting to hear about it in the paper. Nobody seemed to know. She was too important to us to have no mention of it. I was relieved to read about it in the "Chronicle" and to know there will be a memorial for her. I miss her. Mary Fitz.

Yeah, I don't understand that either.

4. Brianna said...

I recently found a painting by Ellen dePazzi. Its beauiful. I was wondering if she had any children or family who would like the piece since she has passed on. If anyone can help, please contact me.

She had a son, Cosmo, a contemporary of mine who I haven't seen in decades... last I knew, he was residing in Italy. If anyone responds through OtBB, I'll pass it along to you.

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