Thursday, October 08, 2009


Tonight's National League Division Series game with the Cardinals had the type of ending that traditionally happens to the Dodgers!

Two out, down one run in the last of the ninth, the team's best hitters having already made out, and the relief pitcher induces a routine fly ball to left field.

Game over, Cards win, and the series moves to Missouri tied at one apiece.


Um, not tonight, Joséphine!

Left fielder Matt Holliday, a three time All Star, charges in to make the catch, changes his mind about how to position his glove, then vacillates, and ultimately tries to catch the ball with his groin.

Given a life, the Dodgers capitalize and tie the game two batters later, then win when pinch-hitter Mark Loretta gets his first-ever hit in 16 lifetime appearances against the Cardinals' pitcher.

(And we are left wondering what Dodgers' manager Joe Torre could have been thinking when he decided on Loretta!)

What a win!

And what an improbable way to win it!

Of course I don't remember Mickey Owens dropped third out third strike in the 1941 World Series which allowed the Yankees to score four ninth inning runs and take a commanding three games to one lead, and close the Dodgers out the next day.

But I've heard about it my entire life!

The others I do remember listening to, and later on watching...

  • Cal Abrams cut down at the plate by Richie Ashburn with what would have been the Pennant-winning run in the ninth inning of the final game of 1950;
  • The ninth inning Bobby Thompson home run the following year;
  • Larry Burright, a substitution for defensive purposes, committing a ninth inning error that led to four Giants' runs in the third and final play-off game in 1962.

Yeah, there was the extraordinary Kirk Gibson pinch hit home run that propelled the Dodgers to the 1988 World Series win, and that's had to hold those of us who bleed Dodgers Blue for the past 21 years!

Now there's the 2009 National League Division Series Game Two, and a stunning affirmation of one of Yogi Berra's most quoted aphorisms:

"It ain't over 'til it's over!"

No sirree, Bob, it surely isn't!


1. EastEnd68 said...

That was an amazing ending.

2. Frank Wheeler said...

Didja see Cardinals' pitcher Adam Wainwright's excuse for Holliday's flub? "That ball got lost in 50,000 white towels shaking in front of Matt's face. It doesn't really seem fair that an opposing team should be able to allow their fans to shake white towels when there's a white baseball flying through the air."

That's worthy of Linda Kabot! But hey!, he's trying to bail out a teammate.
– Dean

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