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Monday, October 05, 2009

See it now!

Updated 10/05/2009 – 11:51 pm

(With appropriate apologies to CBS and Edward R. Murrow.)

The Blacksheep Television video of the October 1st Village Board meeting is now available on the municipal Website.

And as forecast, it's a doozy, a record of a dys­functional governing body openly bickering over a number of items, not the least of which, as discussed earlier, is who initiated the inter­nal police investigation into an unspecified act and/or an unnamed individual!

They also bickered about who was allowed to talk to the Village's Labor Attorney and various depart­ments... police and highway... in respect to contract negotiations.

(A resolution... according to Village At­torney Hermon Bishop, possibly improp­erly... making Trustee Hank Tucker the point man with the sole authority in this area. Given his track record, this is a risky move for the troika to make.)

What I did not know, until watching the video, is how prominently my own name was bandied about during the course of the meeting, by Trustees Joan Levan, deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler and semi-local attorney Mark Williams, who, now that the anti-eruv Alliance is inactive, seems to be acting in a capacity as "shadow counsel" for the troika.

Mr. Kametler was suggesting that the reason the Trustees tried to initiate the internal affairs investigation with the New York State Police was because they had no faith in Chief Ray Dean's ability because I wasn't investigated properly and sent to jail for disrupting the Village's Website two years ago.

Right! (Psssst! Jim, no 'possums were killed.)

Mr. Williams was still griping about the voter challenges this past Election Day, and both he and the Empress of Oneck seem to feel that the response received last month from NYCOM may not carry much weight.

Well, the "jury" on that issue, being the New York State Board of Elections, has yet to be heard from... which is why I have yet to take any action which could disenfranchise a num­ber of those who improperly voted last June.

Sound Byte of the Evening

...courtesy of Trustee Tucker at 0:16:50:

"I don't sit up here on unilaterial secretive matters{sic}."


It has become increasingly clear that one of the hallmark's of the troika's regime has been unnoticed meetings, extra-legal Executive Ses­sions, and shadow counsels.

Hank, keep telling lies and your tongue is gonna turn black.

Sound Byte, II

...courtesy of Trustee Levan at 0:21:10:

"We've already spent $30,000 of tax payers' money..." (in the labor attorney's fees.)

Right, the Empress doesn't like to "quibble about pennies," if it's to her benefit(s).

O, and a Seafield Lane resident raised the issue of the deer rampant in the Village, and his so far unsuccessful efforts to protect his property against their depredations.

Had my wife had advance knowledge of that subject being discussed, she would have can­celled our trip and insisted on attending to weigh in on the matter.

"Rats!" she calls them. "Big rats with hooves!"

And on the subject of pests, Remsenburg res­ident Angelo de la Fuente tried a "gotcha" on Trustee Toni Jo Burk with an purported pub­lished advertisement for her services as a Village Marriage Officer.

Señor de la Fuente, however, didn't do his homework and Mrs. Birk effortlessly bitch-slapped him for his impertinence.


1. Redhead Mom said...

Blaming you for exposing the truth, huh?

Sounds like The White House blaming Fox News, when Fox News exposes the White House.

People should only know who they've elected.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

The deer population has skyrocketed--anyone interested in an eight-point buck should visit this part of the Village where he hangs with two very large does.

The gardeners need relief--we are losing plant life at a terrible clip. Mayor, please send someone... but not an ex-cop who can't hit a possum at four feet!

3. Matlynn Carville said...

Seems like you've GOT to leave town to get the brave Trustees to repetitively bray your name in vain.

Keep 'em honest, Speir. And tell the wife she'll have to make the parent visits on her own.

Well I held her off for over three years, but I ran out of "the dog ate my homework" excuses.

4. Old Timer said...

Dean, after viewing the tape, I found so many things to comment on. However, rather then go on about how this board will go to any depth to undermine the chief, I have a question I'm sure you can shed light on for me. Could there be a motion that since the board is there to serve and answer to the Village residents, non-residents should not be allowed at the podium, and any clapping, remarks, and other disruptions made by non-residents should allow for their removal from the meeting. I for one am tired of these "plants" being allowed to have a say in our local goverment. Toni Jo should not have to answer to Angelo as he is not a resident of the Village. The board was elected to answer to Village residents, not their "plants" from outside the Village.

I understand your concerns and your annoyance... and think that Mrs. Birk did an excellent job of dealing with Señor de la Fuente.

It is up to the Mayor to set the meetings' agendas, and recognize (or not) those who wish to speak. In the past, he's shut down Nutburger Irene Barrett because she was not a resident of the Village, so it depends on what sort of frame of mind he's in on any particular evening.

This evening was not one of his stronger Board sessions, as he allowed deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler to run portions of the meeting, and in the past has bitch-slapped him for his hubris.

5. Matlynn Carville said...

I'll SECOND that motion, Old Timer. Hear Hear!!!

That was exactly what I was thinking as that marble-mouthed NON RESIDENT expanded his smoke-filled back room -- guess he wants to dump Toni Jo, huh?

6. EastEnd68 said...

I've often wondered why non-residents get to speak at the meetings.

7. You Don't Say! said...

This is going to get real interesting. You have the Chief who says he started the investigation. Then you have Tucker saying he did and he wants to see a copy of this report they are talking about.

I'm putting my apples with the Chief on this one. I have only met the Chief a handful of times and everytime he has been professional and respectful. However, that cheesecake guy seems a bit shifty to me. My father had a saying "never trust a man that can't look you in the eye."

"That cheesecake guy" has a lot of people fooled. I used to think he was simply Joan Levan's toady, but he's more than that, starting with a liar.

8. Tugboat Bertha said...

I wondered the same thing: why non-residents get to speak in WHB meetings. Can you picture us going to Quogue, or Patchogue and bellying up to the microphone?

9. Jimmy Bond said...

On addressing the Village Board, you may run into a First Amendment problem if not structured correctly. Residents should be heard first and all speakers should be required to state the name of the community where they live or be denied access to speak; i.e., Westhampton or Westhampton Beach, etc....

There has been an inconsistency of policy in this regard.

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