Tucker undermines Village PD

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tucker undermines Village PD

Updated 10/05/2009 – 01:16 pm

Seems I missed a critical Village Board meet­ing... a commitment to my in-laws upstate necessitated my absence, but I'm delighted to discover that it went on without me.

The 27East headline is a grabber:

Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the Westhampton Beach Police Department

...as is the photo of Chief Ray Dean standing at the public speakers' lectern.

(The Chief never appears there!)

What appears to have motivated Chief Dean to stand and address the Village Board was an assertion by Trustee Hank Tucker that the Suf­folk County Police Internal Affairs investigation was undertaken at the behest of the Trustees.

According to Southampton Press reporter Hallie Martin's account:

"'The facts are what the facts are,' said Chief Dean after he approached the podium. 'It was not initiated by you. You cannot re-write history.'

Mr. Tucker insisted that board members did, in fact, initiate the investigation."

Assuming arguendo that both men are talking about the same investigation that began earlier this year, the Chief has credibility that Mr. Tucker does not.

But don't take OtBB's word for it, pay atten­tion to Mr. Tucker's follow-up comment:

"When reached on Friday, Mr. Tucker said he does not know what the investigation entails, which is what prompted him to introduce the resolution."

(Advantage: Chief Dean.)

Tucker tosses Village Police Department to the wolves. Hallie Martin photo - click for original

Um, okay... so Mr. Tucker has no idea of what the investigation is all about, but he and others on the Village Board "initiated" that investigation?

Ms. Martin also reports:

"On Friday, Mayor Conrad Teller said that Chief Dean was the person who initiated the investigation of his department."

...so Mr. Tucker seems to have been caught in another lie.

Some productive follow-up questions might include...

  • What caused the Village Board to "ini­tiate" that investigation?
  • Was it an event, a series of events, a member of the Police force, or multiple members of the Department which caused the Trustees to act?
  • How did the Village Board "initiate" that investigation? (i.e., what exactly was the process?)
  • Exactly when did members of the Vil­lage Board contact Suf­folk County Police Internal Affairs?

These points of inquiry are posed with the greatest confidence that Mr. Tucker, demon­strably a liar on previous occasions, would founder, looking something like the Sigourney Weaver character exposed in the climax of "Working Girl."

But given his penchant for inane babbling, he'd sound more like Ralph Kramden doing his "humunah humunah humunah" routine.

Aside from the fact that there's no reason for Mr. Tucker to continue backing, filling and lying about this matter, a more important aspect is what are he and his cohorts, Trustee Joan Levan and deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler, on the Village Board are attempting to do with their memorandums to the Chief and Mayor Conrad Teller.

It's apparent that this odd troika is trying to control the results of the investigation, but to what end? Are they attempting to protect a target of the investigation, or bury a particular event?

There are now two things uppermost in my mind about this:

  1. Now that Mr. Tucker has incautiously cut the Village Police's throat, how much hay will Linda Kabot's attor­ney, William Keahon, be able to make of this in an attempt to "dirty up" the local Police Department (and you know he'll try his damnedest) in his client's upcoming DWI trial?...
  2. When will the video of the meeting be available on-line?

Hang on, folks, this could be a doozy!


The video record of the October 1st meeting is now on-line.


1. Victor Levy said...

It is up now, about to watch and listen.

So noted. Thanks.

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

On line where?

Follow the link.

3. NoLongerEd said...

Makes one long for the good old days of Hizzoner, Robert W. Morgan Jr. At least Village government was amusing.

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