A downside of Anna Throne-Holst

Friday, October 02, 2009

A downside of Anna Throne-Holst

It's simple, but it's a big, big downside, and on several counts irreconcilable with what I'm looking for in a Town Supervisor.

Reported last month on 27East:

"In June, Town Board member Anna Throne-Holst, who is making a run for town super­visor in November, floated a proposal that seeks to charge certain businesses, such as the Neptune Beach Club and the Boardy Barn, also located in Hampton Bays, to pay a fee to help offset the cost of the addit­ional officers who actively monitor the establishments."

Undeniably "a pretty face," Ms. Throne-Holst is by no means "just" another one. She possesses an impressive political acumen, and her years belie a ruthlessness un­seen since the reign of the late Vince Cannuscio.

Her actions here are reminiscent of another Democratic gal on the Town Board, Carolyn Zenk, whose term (1999-2003) was marked by a relentless jihad against The Boardy Barn and other retail liquor establishments.

"The Barn" has been in continuous operation at 270 West Montauk Highway since 1970, and has always attracted large crowds, especially in the Summer months, and always on a Sunday afternoon.

In reality, for many years now, aside from an irregular special night for a college or a fund-raiser, that's the only time the establishment's doors are open: Summer Sundays from 4:00-8:00pm!

The suspicion here is that Ms. Throne-Holst's initiative is little more than a cynical political ploy to play to a certain segment West of the Canal in an attempt to make in­roads in reliably Republican Hampton Bays.

What I know, and what I doubt the lady from the far East has ever bothered to look into, is that the owners of The Boardy Barn spend an enormous sum on staff and security personnel during business hours in an effort to be re­sponsible neighbors.

They also provide an impressive number of jobs within the community, and this is not something to be dis­missed in these times.

A special tax? How "Democratic!"

(Yeah!, I know... Madame asserts that she's an independent merely running on Row A, but look at her actions, especially on illegal immigration.)

AT-H, get off The Boardy Barn's back!

Disclosure: the writer enjoyed a professional rela­tionship with The Boardy Barn from 1974-2001, and still considers the establishment's co-owners, Anthony Galgano and Michael Shields, to be personal friends.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

You don't think the proximity of Carolyn Zenk's office to "The Barn" had anything to do with her attempts to shut the place down?

I don't know... I don't even know if she was at that location during her four years on the Town Board.

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

Fred Thiele is endorsing Throne-Holst on WLNG every morning. There he goes again proving he's not a Republican. He surprised many of us when he turned the Republican party upside down by creating his own Southampton Party. He was elected and adored by the voters in much the same way Obama is. If his supporters are still enamored of him, his endorsement might very well get Throne-Holst crowned as supervisor. And then what?

Fred Thiele has never been much of a Republican, but always an opportunist, so I don't know why you'd be surprised.

At the moment, for Ms. Throne-Holst to lose next month, there would have to be photos of her naked with a troop of Cub Scouts while they were clubbing kittens to death.

3. EastEnd68 said...

In addition to doing a very good job of policing their establishment the owners of The Boardy Barn have always been quick to allow their premises to be used for worthwhile fund raisers, etc.

4. Jimmy Bond said...

Tony Galgano and Mickey Shields (The Boardy Barn's owners) are great benefactors to our community. They support the local police and over the years many charities benefited from their generosity. Why start punishing this local albeit Summer business?

Ms. AT-H is looking for some traction West of the Canal, is all, and I hope it bites her in her skinny li'l backside.

But hey!, it's Hampton Bays!
– Dean

5. Ray Overton said...

People have such short memories. The wild life on the west side of the canal has been reduced tremendously over the years, so much so that someone who hadn't lived in this area since the '80s would not recognize it. Gone are such notables The Mad Hatter, the Cave/Brendan's/Night Club, Marakesh, Scarlett's, The Burgundy Club, Ed's Bay Pub, Summers, Tequila Flats. Places like The Boardy Barn and Casey's have significantly scaled back their hours of operation. What is really amazing is that a number of the people calling for places like The Boardy Barn and Neptune to be shut down frequented those establishments during their own misspent youths. With our economy depending so much upon the "tourist" dollars, not all of these establishments can be closed. I think Tony and Mickey do a great job with Boardy Barn security and the other charitable events they host there certainly provide the give back needed for the community.

Well remembered, well said, Ray. It's rank political opportunism at its worst, and when the lady from the Far East analyzes her returns post-election, I suspect that she may notice that the Hampton Bays precincts weren't so taken with her.

6. Susan said...

...and how 'bout that Town Animal Shelter?

Indeed... but you will note that I specified "a downside," not "the downside." Yes, we are dog persons, as are many in Town, but several weeks had passed without anyone calling the woman on her proposed initiative actively targeting The Boardy Barn.
– Dean

7. Jimmy Bond said...

If she can't win Hampton Bays (that's disputable) she can't win the election. Period.

You're correct... remember, Marty Lange wasn't voted out of office 'til Hampton Bays turned on him like a pod of crazed orca on an issue he'd fought for, but had been defeated by the courts..

8. Eli Duckling said...

Subject got some coverage in Long Island Business News.

Good for Jeff Miller... he definitely sees the larger issues.

Thanks for the link.
– Dean

9. Carolyn Zenk said...

For the record...

I took a tough stand to keep things under control at the Board{sic} Barn and similar establishments, while I served as Southampton's Councilwoman from '99 to '03, after the following events happened in the vicinity:

  1. Two handicapped senior citizens called me to tell me that a drunk from the Board{sic} Barn broke into their home and grappled with the husband who had just had major back surgery; and
  2. One drunk from the Boardy Barn had thrown another man through the plate glass window at the King Kullen shopping center; and
  3. Another woman called me to tell me her car had been surrounded by several drunks from the establishment who would not let her go -- she was terrified; and
  4. I found out the Board Barn was having fund-raisers for members of the police department and the Republicans Party (I suggested to Board members that this was inappropriate and created an appearance of inpropriety{sic}), which I found inappropriate; and
  5. Jeff Cully from the Phototary -- a bussiness{sic} at the King Kullen Center -- brought me pictures of the trash, drunken patrons,and meyhem at the King Kullen parking lot after a busy weekend; and
  6. I personally observed drunken masses from the establishment visiting the shopping center at King Kullen; and
  7. I observed that the Boardy Barn was sucking up a tremendous amount of tax dollars after its happy hour. Several police cars were always on stand-by.
For the record, I live no where{sic} near the Board{sic} Barn and my business is miles away. My actions were a direct response from many complaints.

I received dozens of noise complaints etc. from exhausted citiznes. As a result, I increased the noise fines and cracked down on out-of control group rentals and drinking establishments.

I received many letters of praise for my strong stand asking that drinking establishments help keep their patrons in order. As a result, I'm confident that lives were saved and the community has been made better. In fact, I have noticed that Hampton Bays' quality of life has vastly improved in the last few years with respect to nuisances. The Boardy Barn itself appears to be doing a better job.

I have no doubt that the Boardy Barn does some good things for the community. However, I would suggest that for the appearance of priority{sic} sake, the establishment not "grant" favors to either officials of the Town of Southampton or to the police officers of this Town. The establishment clearly has a vested interest in influencing these officials.

I stand by my record 100% on the matter of the Boardy Barn. I welcome the owner's participation in the community in a responsible manner where he absorbs the costs of putting drunks out on the street rather than subsidizing these costs with taxpayer dollars.

Fomer Councilwoman
Carolyn Zenk
Attorney at Law/Mediator
Hampton Bays
Thank you for your thoughts, Ms. Zenk. Regret that they could not have been more contemporaneous.

I'm confident that you have documentation for all of the above, but what I'm wondering about... since everything you have cited occurred not only outside the establishment, but off the establishment's premises and "several police cars were always on stand-by," what were the police doing at the time?

You also assert that "the Board Barn was having fund-raisers for members of the police department and the Republicans Party;" is it your contention that Messrs. Galgano and Shields themselves were "having" these events, or that they, as a commercial establishment with more than adequate occupancy and parking, were making their place available for those events?

I do not for a moment suspect you of political posturing, since you chose not to stand for a second term. But you're an attorney and I'm a writer, and we each need to be precise with our language.

O, and also for the record, the name of the establishment was, and remains, "The Boardy Barn."
– Dean

10. Danielle said...

Odd to that she picks on The Boardy Barn yet does nothing and ignores letters about a club like the Beach Bar on Foster Avenue which is right in a residential neighborhood and operates on some kind of a bogus grandfather clause. Suspicious!

I'm astonished you didn't cite the Rumba situation! That one's beyond "Suspicious."

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