Local Boy Makes Good...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Local Boy Makes Good...

...but can he really do better in a now solidly Democratic state like Noo Yawk?

Edward Ridley Finch Cox... second son of the Cox Family of the Cox compound1... was this week named to head the New York State Re­publican Party.

I don't know Eddie, who'll turn 63 tomorrow, 'though his older brother Howdie and I once crewed for George Carmany in SS#128, and I was acquainted with the parents.

Actually, the only time I saw him was Election Day 1972 when, having been up all night play­ing cribbage with Johnny Shotwell, we went to Mechanic's Hall (then in its early "Scarlett's" mode) to cast our votes before turning in.

And what an event it was, presided over by one Robert Morgan Jr.2 in a morning coat who greeted the limo bearing Mr. and Mrs. Cox and a retinue of Secret Service personnel.

The younger Coxes were also voting locally prior to enplaning for California to watch the election returns in San Clemente with Eddie's father-in-law, but there was a minor crisis as people scrambled to cover the the nude paintings which adorned the walls of the disco to spare the young woman's sensibilities.

(It was a memorable 20 minutes, the de­tails of which must be reserved for an­other time.)

Mr. Cox's election as the GOP's new state chair is an intriguing one... that nasty little philan­derer Rudy Giuliani, New York's most visible Republican, was backing another horse, and with that divisiveness within the party, it makes rebuilding just that much more difficult.

Face it, there is no Ken Keating or Jake Javitts waiting off-stage right.

Rumors that another local boy, out-going Town GOP Chairman, Marcus Christopher Stinchi, would be assuming a role with the State org­anization, are unsubstantiated.

However, we watch with great interest.

  1. For the benefit of the "noobs," off Sea­field Lane between Sunswyk and Cox's Curve, just above Exchange Point. It's one of the last great estates in the Village.
  2. A cheeky devil even then. Although completely without portfolio, he managed to pull it off without challenge since he so looked the part... a morning coat will do that for you!


1. Rob F. said...

It is unlikely that Mr. Cox could do a worse job than his predecessor, Joe Mondello. After presiding over the collapse of the Nassau GOP--arguably once the most powerful local political machine outside of Chicago--he went on to leave New York with no statewide Republicans in office and only two House seats.

2. EastEnd68 said...

The last paragraph is a joke - right?

Can't fool you, can I?

3. Jimmy Bond said...

Look, Stinchi did "so well" for the town -- his candidates' colossal mismanagement of Town finances -- he's earned a seat at the table in Albany with the bankrupted state GOP ... at least we'll know where the summer office for the GOP will be (and Trisha with her ever-present smile being truly Eddie's better half). Let's remind Ed his days of caddying at the WHB Country Club are over so no carrying the bags of potential candidates or donors!

Don't overlook the fact that the last clean sweep for the GOP in Southampton Town was on Marc Stinchi's watch in 2005... aided in no small amount by the ineptitude of the Town Democratic organization under Benny Torres, Milt Jackson and Melissa Bishop, and that their Supervisor candidate, Gary Schwartz, did a "Ross Perot" and quit right in the middle of the campaign before climbing back in the ring for the final weeks.

O, and not for nuthin' (as the boys in NYPD Blue like to say), but Junior Heaney was in office before Marc took over, #1, and, #2, political party leaders rise and fall on their candidates' ability to get elected, not how well they perform once in office!

Mr. Cox is some years my junior, but I was unaware that he was a caddy. From 'umble beginnings, eh?
– Dean

4. Jimmy Bond said...

As usual, you're right about leaders and their responsibility for candidates once in office -- though we disagree on Stinchi's wisdom in backing Kabot (who most assuredly I humbly believe will be unseated.)

She won't "be unseated," Jimmy, she will have unseated herself.

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