Damnest thing...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Damnest thing...

...arrived in my (snail) mailbox yesterday, and I don't know quite what to make of it.

(This is the original.)

The content of the letter itself is pretty straight forward; it's the form and tone that intrigues me.

I mean, when one of the local police dispatch­ers contacts OtBB... are ya running with me, Charlie?... it's an anonymous E-mail from a fake E-dress, and that's because his wife took away his crayons and notebook paper.

This one has some style, both in the language and the presentation.

(It's what typographers call "black letter" or Wedding Text (ho ho!), and is one of the least legible fonts in the history of the written word.)

It was also provocative enough that OtBB looked into its substance.

Item the First:

Yes, it was "Bobby Strebel" who upped the ante on performing marriages, which fact he freely acknowledged when he was braced on the matter.

"I never used to charge a thing, but then when I started getting requests to come out on Saturday afternoons and evenings to places like Bath & Tennis and Dune Deck, I did.

Never charged anyone a thing for doing it in the Village though"

When it was pointed out that the two venues he cited were "in the Village," the former four-term Mayor clarified:

"I mean in Village Hall or right around the area, like the Village Green."

Okay, that's it straight from Mayor Strebel.

(OtBB would note that in such as this, the statute of limitations runs out when the elected official leaves office.

Maybe not the State's, but mine!)

Item the Second:

This obviously is best addressed to Señor de la Fuente directly... he lives in Remsenburg.

But the answer should be self-evident... he's not looking to hurt "his buddy," but would have no compunctions about dirtying up the Trustee who replaced "his buddy" as Deputy Mayor.

There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

And upon information and belief, Señor de la Fuente made the same FOIL request as OtBB and had access to the same information, but chose to not go forward with it.

Update on "Crookhampton? Perhaps."

As part of OtBB's investigative process, it was learned that just this past week NYCOM, likely spurred on by the Brookhaven Town matter, has finally been heard from on this issue.

Citing §11-C of NYS Domestic Relations Law, while Mayors may accept up to $100 for per­forming weddings, those designated as "Mar­riage Officers" (such as Trustees Jim Kametler and Toni Jo Birk), are capped at $75, not the same $100!

Glad we cleared that up!

On the current Village Board, both the current Deputy Mayor and the former one are guilty of having accepted more than the law allows, but OtBB is confident that now that that law has been brought to everyone's attention, there will be no repetition of such unseemliness.

Well, at least Mrs. Birk won't... based on past performance, Mr. Kametler doesn't learn very well.


1. Susan said...

That letter creeped me out. Someone has A LOT of free time.

2. Charlie said...

You poor attention-deprived slob of a slug. Dean-I haven't e-mailed, anonymously or otherwise, your self-righteous, completely slanted, piece of crap blog since 2009 began. I gave up when it became obvious that any opinion contrary to the Great and Powerful King of Crap is never posted on your site. I pay absolutely no attention to bottom-dwellers like you, your{sic} not worth my time or concern. I whole-heartedly invite you to consult the postal authorities regarding the letter in your snail-mail. This may come as a shock, but I am certainly not the only one who thinks very little of you. The content of your latest bogus allegation was brought to my attention and I felt the need to grab my crayons and notebook, and scratch off this little "kiss my ass" note to you. Please, feel free to do so. Why you would think that the fee charged by the trustees for performing wedding ceremonies was something I give the slightest dam{sic} about, is further testament to a mind, that although rich in vocabulary, is still slight in substance. Now, go, amass your minions of cadaver worshipers and have them slam me and call for the dispatchers{sic} heads because I had the audacity to laugh in the face of a mean-spirited slime-ball like you. You are truly pathetic.

Does this mean we're not pals anymore, Charlie Benkov?

Just to clarify, nowhere have I inferred that you've contacted OtBB this year, but you have on previous years 'though those Comments were not published because you tried doing it from a fake E-dress.

As you can see, contrarian opinions, even this ad hominem screed, are in fact posted if they are accompanied from a valid E-dress as this one of yours was.

As for the issue of the Village Police Dispatchers, you and Kathy apparently will always have jobs as long as Conrad Teller is Mayor, no matter how much, when you actually perform your jobs, you duplicate the Town-wide 9-1-1 system, and no matter how poorly you interact with the public which enters the lobby of the Police Department.

Chapter and verse on that score will have to be the subject of another blog item.

Thanks for writing... really.

3. EastEnd68 said...

It seems to me that some refunds are owed.

4. The Quiogue Kid said...

Wedding refunds? Is that anything like the Cash For Clunkers with cars… not that my wife is a clunker, mind you….

5. Rob F. said...

Wait, wait, wait... let's not just breeze past the salutation and address. "Dean McSpeir?" If the writer were paying proper tribute to your Scots heritage, shouldn't that be "MacSpeir?" Please set the wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie straight!

Of course it should, but I'm still working on that as a clue of some sort.

6. Watching them said...

It really appears to me that someone just needs some medication or other means of releasing some of that fustration. I looked over your orignal posting several times, Dean. I could not find anywhere in the posting where you said "Charlie" had any relation to the trustees overcharging for weddings.

You did mention that he did attempt to E-mail you and apparently it was under false or anonymous means. All you did was mention that you received a letter in the same manner.

I have also known you for a little while now and have never found you to be mean-spirited or a slimeball. Only a person who has reported to the people the "real" things that have been occuring in the Village.

If the person above is "Charlie" and works for out local Police department, maybe he needs some couseling. Its obvious he went off the deep end about something that wasn't even about him. Very concerning that a member of our Police Department acts like that.

Of course I never suggested any of the things which Charlie inferred! But his buttons seem to have been pushed by someone who reads the blog and likes to crank the man up.

You're right, he does work for the Village PD, but as a dispatcher he's a civilian employee.

7. Bob P. said...


I would not have known it was Mr. Bencov until you outed him. Did he rattle your cage and actually speak the truth?????? Blog away! Apparently you have the time.

Not quite certain of the intent of your Comment, but I'm confident that Charlie has his adherents, just as OtBB has it's own followers. Can't do what I do and keep everyone happy, which is why I don't try.

Why you ask if he "rattled my cage" is best known to you, but whether he "speaks the truth" (or The Truth) is for others to decide.

But in re-reading Charlie's ventilation, once the ad hominem verbosity is filtered out, there's not really any substance, is there? So it seems that it is his cage, or reinforced glass enclosure, which was rattled, yes?

8. Chris Connolly said...

Considering the state of recent WHB media coverage, an imposed marriage fee seems like the least of our concerns.

As an aside, modern day printers leave a "watermark" to indicate their origins.

Chris <== Happily married at Saint Marks

  1. Perhaps, but it's the law, isn't it?!
  2. C'mon, Chris! Haven't you figured out who sent the anonymous note?

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