August Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Trustees Work Session

It was hot and muggy, and before it was over, it got hotter for Cablevision's Joan Gilroy.

Westhampton Beach is still engaging Black Sheep Television to videotape and produce a broadcast-ready product... which is still not being broadcast.

This was fully discussed here in the August Village Board Meeting report, so the only new ground to cover other than it's still not hap­pening, is that Ms. Gilroy and Cablevision have not been very aggressive on the Village's be­half as is their obligation.

There was one remarkable utterance by Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk during this discussion; she doesn't much care for the monthly Village Board meetings being telecast, saying:

"It attracts too many people who are just there to play for the camera1."

No names were mentioned, but it is thought that she's talking about a pair of gadflies from Remsenburg and Quiogue.

Another matter involved live entertainment on Main Street. Everyone apparently en­joys it, but there are problems that the Village Board are still looking for a way to address.

And for once, it's not the noise, but the im­passability of the sidewalks in the immediate vicinity of the music.

Specifically cited was a "concert2" at the Beach Bakery to which attendees carried beach chairs to set up on the sidewalk for their comfort.

(Imagine! The bakery twice in one day!)

As is their wont, the Trustees "will look into the matter."

One other item of interest is the proposed "kiddie park" on Glovers Lane on the former George Winters property, which seems to be exclusively a Trustee Joan Levan project.

She showed everyone on the Board the plans, drew some "Oooohs!" and "Ahhhhs!" (mostly from Deputy Mayor Birk), then collected the plans up and stowed them back in her kit.

There was some brief discussion about some of the features of the park, but when Mayor Con­rad Teller said that he would like to see some access from Sunset Avenue, Mrs. Levan went all sotto voce on him and said she'd discuss it with him later.

This signals two items of note:

  1. Trustee Levan is still unclear on the concept of doing the business of the public in public.
  2. The Empress doesn't want any land­scapers or carpenters bringing their sandwiches and sodas in from the Sunset Court Deli or the 7-Eleven, and having their lunch in her park.

The latter is just her snobisme, but the former is going to get her and the Village into a lot of trouble one of these days.

  1. Of course there is that school of thought which says that the presence of a record­ing device significantly changes the event itself.
  2. Actually advertised as such, which should have been what is known in police work as "a clue."


1. Jerry Steiner said...

Ice cold beer and a samich in the shade.

Mr. Wizard, as a man of peace and global understanding, I invite you and Ms. Levan to historic beautiful downtown Riverhead. Come to think of it, bring the Rabbi too. I will personally take youz to Grangebel Park for a picnic lunch or better yet a midnight snack. Ten pack of spicy's chicken wings, round out the meal with an ice cold beer. Paper wrapper of course. Historic beautiful downtown Riverhead a marvel of municipal planning. Actually the Peconic River front is quite nice.

Feel the love... ice cold beer in the park... Jerry

Don't know if the Empress "does" any part of Riverhead other than Board meetings at Peconic Bay Medical Center, but it sounds jake to me. Can we invite Jim Dreeben, too? And Alan Smith, and the former Sherry Wendelken?

2. Tugboat Bertha said...

What the devil do we need another kiddie park for when we've already got Ria DeBene's memorial kiddie park behind Sexton Commons?

Another naming opportunity for that ol' legacy-builder, the Empress o'Oneck.

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