And we thought...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And we thought...

...Shock could be bad!

These are less than an hour old at this posting, and midday Wednesday or not, this is nothing less than outrageous!

The location is 112 Main Street, Beach Bakery, and it is Simon Jorna's bad luck that frequent OtBB contributor "WHB Yankee" was passing by... or trying to, at least... with his cell 'phone camera, and recalled part of last weekend's parenthetical blog entry:

"And Simon, you have nice tables and chairs out front of your bakery, but they don't belong on Village property... per­haps you could delegate one of your staff to police that matter before it becomes a bigger problem."


Photo courtesy of WHB Yankee Photo courtesy of WHB Yankee

Somehow, we don't think this is what the Village Board had in mind when they approved your outdoor tables and chairs, Simon!


1. Elyse Richman said...

Why does this surprise you? This is how this Village works.

Its hard to run a business here but some of us can through our hard work and tenacity.

Look at the good that Simon does for this Village not the negative


O, Elyse...
  • Please explain to us exactly how you think "this Village works."
  • And while you're at it, please enlighten us on why "it's hard to run a business here."
  • Please relate some… not all, just some… of "the good that Simon does for this Village."
Right now you're making me regret that I just spent $3.25 on an ice cream cone in your store.

2. Johnny Romo said...

Despite his baseball loyalties, WHB Yankee always gets his photo. He has the best pregame, too! Keep snapping pix, undercover brother!

3. Frank Wheeler said...

Hasn't whining always been Ms. Richman's first resort?! "It's sooooooooo hard being in business, and being a woman, as well!"

Yes, there's that... it seems you know our Elyse.

4. Eileen Dover said...

Elyse I think your two hours are up. It's time to move your car.

Simon is minting money at that bakery, yes he donates to certain causes but that's no excuse for blocking a public right of way.

5. The Quiogue Kid said...

WWGD? What would Gloria do?

Well, for openers, Gloria wouldn't in the first place!

6. EastEnd68 said...

OtBB gets results – this morning I was on Main Street and noticed the table in the foreground of the photos has been moved back off the sidewalk – thank you Simon for your quick response. And thank you OtBB for alerting all to this problem.

In reality, OtBB gets precious little in the way of meaningful results.

Corrupt officials are re-elected, ruinous budgets are passed, Joan Levan et al get their dental plans, tongues cluck at Eckart's and Bun'n'Burger, and people get on with their lives.

Truth be known, Police Chief Ray Dean and Building Inspector Paul Houlihan were all over it within 30 minutes of the blog entry, but I don't believe that either one had been reading OtBB before acting.

7. Chris Connolly said...

WHB Yankee... A sincere plea. Please don't take pictures of our sale signs we put up in the Fall for the past 33 years. I don't need another code visit.

Chris <== all in good fun

Well, WHB Yankee probably won't, but thanks for the tip on where to come up with a good OtBB entry this Autumn.

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