Weekend After Action Report

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend After Action Report

Great start with an excellent Leo Kottke con­cert at WHB PAC... yeah, I know it's not the type of big name entertainer that generates the big buck sponsorship the Center needs, but wow!, he was terrific!

Not much as a singer any more, but a genuine virtuoso on the six-string and especially the 12-string guitars... breath-takingly so!

(And a very droll monologist, witness this short video clip.)

The performance broke just after 10:00 pm, and we set off to The Post Stop for a late supper... a little too late for Sandy's kitchen, it seems! Drat!

And we would have been too late even if we hadn't've been impeded by the throngs clogging the sidewalks between PAC and the restaurant.

The live music is nice, but c'mon already!

And there was z-e-r-o police presence on Main Street... no black'n'whites, no foot patrols.

(And Simon, you have nice tables and chairs out front of your bakery, but they don't belong on Village property... per­haps you could delegate one of your staff to police that matter before it becomes a bigger problem.)

One nice thing about the music... walking Main Street in the evenings is a bit like traveling down MacDougal and along Bleecker half-a-century ago, with the music of Dave Van Ronk, Maria Muldaur, Tim Hardin, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan emanating from places like The Gaslight Cafe and The Bitter End.

(Anyone still have a copy of Electra's terrific "Folk Song '65" sampler album? I got mine for 99¢ from Bud Leimsidor's Music Mart that year, but it went missing several decades ago.)

Hopped in the car and tried Finn McCool's... 10:25 pm: kitchen closed.

Swung over and down Hazelwood... with a nod to the Morris house as we passed... to try Micole's. The whole place looked closed!

10:30 on a Friday night, and we didn't want pizza, so we went home with a chunk of cash still in our kick, and ate WeightWatchers.

May Joe Rhodie forgive me, but I wonder what it would take to bring back the '80s.


Left the Village to see the new Tarantino flick, a rousing but fanciful Jewish revenge tale which doesn't involve a golem.

Ate at one of our favorites, La Volpe, on the way but then came straight home following the end credits.

Took a slow drive along Main Street around 10:45 pm... the sidewalks still active, live music still playing... and still no police presence anywhere in sight.

(O, that's right... Saturday night's date night and no one wants to work.)

But while the Police Blotter won't be released 'til Tuesday, there don't appear to have been any incidents of note.

Or, at least Erin and Elyse took a break from antagonizing one another.


1. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

So where is Dick Henry when you need a late night bite to eat?

C'mon, Shep... 10:10-10:45pm isn't "late night," just too late to keep the kitchen open, it seems.

2. EastEnd68 said...

Bring back the diner.

3. Eileen Dover said...

The sidewalk crowd in front of the bakery is a joke. The overflowing trash bins don't look too pretty on the weekends. And where are the police? Oh, and here's my little gripe. I suppose Elyse thinks she's advertising when she parks on Main Street, but does she realize she's taking a parking spot from a potential customer?

As I've come to know the woman a little better, I'm reasonably confident that it has never occurred to her.
– Dean

4. Jan Burden said...

Hey Dean,

If you are still looking for a copy of "Folksong '65" I got one for you. The only thing I want is to just look at your Neil Young Tour Jackets.

Lemme know.

Sure, except that there's only one Neil Young jacket; the other is Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
– Dean

5. Hampton West said...

I think the song on Folks Song '65 is called "White Wing Dove." Check it out.

Well, that's one of the dozen songs sampled, and it's by Mark Spoelstra. There's a lot of really good ones included.
– Dean

6. DSL said...

Leo Kottke fan from wayback here. Good on yer, DS.

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