All I need to know...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All I need to know...

Updated 08/19/2009 – 06:51 pm

...about Bridget Fleming, Democratic Can­di­date for Southampton Town Board this November.

Found on-line at Facebook:

"The Southampton Town Deocratic{sic} Com­mittee is holding a press conference on Wednesday August 19th at 10:15am in front of Congressman Tim Bishop's office at 137 Hampton Road in Southampton.

We'll be presenting a petition supporting Tim and his efforts to develop real health care reform in this country. We also want to make sure that the press knows and reports the facts about the corporate-spon­sored hooliganism that is taking place at town hall meetings in an attempt to sabotage and derail President Obama's proposed health care plans."

Not just "hooliganism," but "corporate-spon­sored hooliganism."

Spiro T. Agnew seems to have been reborn... and changed his registration.

In a related story on 27East, Representative Bishop (D, NY) is working to position himself as steadfast and courageous in the face of or­ganized "disruptive" opposition to the health­care bills being debated.

At home this morning, an automated mes­sage from Mr. Bishop was received instructing on participating on tomorrow's (August 20th) "teletownhall" meeting where the Congress­man will be able to "dialogue" with constitu­ents, but not have to face them.


1. Eileen Dover said...

The world has gone friggin' mad!

2. Matlynn Carville said...

One does what one needs to do in the age of cyberspace when Robert's Rules of Order no longer apply.

Never mind: some psycho will get hold of the meeting, cut and paste it to their preferred agenda, then post the product on YouTube.

When this happened with Medicare in the '60s, the technology didn't exist to get this stuff out in another fashion.

Like E-mailing someone, it's nice to be able to complete a sentence, a thought, before someone with a politeness problem booms in. Eileen's right -- the world has gone mad.

There is a precedent in this country however. We have a very wealthy group of the same kind of players, (the ones earning billions, ripping off the health care consumer); they were none too pleased with Medicare.

Anyone who thinks our economy can survive with this financial 800-pound gorilla much longer hasn't a clue how much their lousy insurance is costing their employer. Ask them. Find out what your COBRA payment will be when you get laid off. Find out before you need to, what drugs, procedures and hospitals you don't have access to before you need them! Ouch! Then support this long-required endeavor to budget our dollars better.

Health care reform not only drops this astronomical figure, you don't have to sweat it out if you do run into hard times -- you're covered. And yes, Virginia, you get to keep your plan if you like it. So shut up already. Jeez.

And for those who, as Joan Levan, consider $30-47,000,000 (mere pennies) of uninsured, because there are 270,000,000 of us who are covered in various degrees failed math in schiool, and forgets the reason Joanie wanted our Village health care plan was to protect her own money. Over 60% of all bankruptcies start with a health crisis.

It shouldn't.

There's a fair number of uninformed assumptions contained within your strident rant, which otherwise makes some good points.

My problem is that well-oiled "spin" that the opposition to some of Congressman Bishop's positions comes from paid agent provocateurs and dupes in the service of "Big PHARM," and dismissing everyone who is not in lock-step with the man as "Right-Wing wackos." That's not only disingenuous, but it defeats any sort of meaningful dialogue. It also further disenfranchises those who are already feeling marginalized and not well-represented.

In short, I reject the notion that the bulk of those who are angry voices questioning and challenging our Representative are all pawns of the Right.

3. The Quiogue Kid said...

Speaking on behalf of the QAC (Quiogue Action Committe, pronounced "quack")... we feel strongly both ways

4. Matlynn Carville said...

I understand I need to go to the videotape after our conversation today; I will do so.

In the meantime, you cranky old blogger, don't be getting all off-topic and diminishing "my good points" with your support of "the angry."

As you have clearly stated in my "stident rant" (indeed -- Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle) there are incredulous and angry civilized citizens like me who wait their turn to speak up supporting health care reform. The reason the Tim Bishops of the world may need to skip your journalistic photo-ops is to avoid having media being schtupped, instructed, or biased into giving "diminutive -- your word" groups a weight and exposure far beyond their representation.


Let's get just the facts. Form your own dang mind. Call your legislator and let them know your perpective, instead of this ridiculous legislation by media.

Someone needs to simmer down and re-read with a cooler eye.

And, just as an ironic aside, when we spoke on the 'phone, I thought I heard another call coming it, but no one was there. When we finished and I hung up, I got a strange ring, picked up the receiver, and it was my Congressman engaging in a "teletownhall" session, one in which he didn't have to acknowledge anyone or entertain their question if he wasn't so inclined.

Yes, Matlynn, we desperately need "health care reform," but while it is this instant's hot topic, people are upset with any number of Tim Bishop's positions, not the least of which is illegal immigration and the economy.
– Dean

5. EastEnd68 said...

I have no idea what this is all about-that said I'm voting for Bridget Fleming.

So then you are:
  1. ...acknowledging that basic Reading Comprehension is not part of your skill set?
  2. ...admitting that you don't care what's going on, the Fleming still gets your vote?
'S'all right with you, 's'all right with me.
– Dean

6. EastEnd68 said...

You lost me on this one.

My point exactly.

7. Tugboat Bertha said...

Spiro Agnew gets credit for the speeches that Pat Buchanan wrote for him. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but the current debates seem to bring a reference or two of Agnew into this blog. Buchanan is they guy with the words. Agnew is just a crook who could read a cue card.

Madame is correct... in all respects.

8. Hampton West said...

Hey Speir-gun! Do you have an opinion about reports of people bringing weapons to President Obama's town hall meetings. Specifically even though it may be legal in those states where it happened, is it a good thing - after all you and I are old enough to remember a certain event in Dallas in 1963. Assuming these reports are true - are you OK with people bringing guns to meetings where the President of the U.S. is speaking.

Hey, HW! What does this have to do with Southampton Town politics?

Still, I don't mind offering some observations about the events you have referenced (this and this).
  1. If the Secret Service doesn't have a problem with it, why are you turning into a pants-wetter?
  2. There's an old adage that one shouuld fear the government that fears an armed populace.
I know you to be a reasonably intelligent person... at least you were before you developed this enuresis ignavius condition... so why haven't you thought through the Secret Service angle... all of it... before this hand-wringing and reference to the JFK Assassination? Do you really think that the USSS would so casually permit any sort of threat to the Executive?

So yeah, I remember Dallas, where I was at the moment, etc., and even though I was very young, I also remember Blair House in 1950! What's your point?

And for the record, I do not remember Ford Theater in April 1865, the Sixth Street Station in July 1881, or the Temple of Music in Buffalo in September 1901.

Now go put on some fresh Depends.
– Dean

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