Bishop's Stealth Meeting

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bishop's Stealth Meeting

Congressman Tim Bishop in Hampton Bays the sense that none of the disruptive Right Wing extrem­ists who turned Tim Bishop's previous Town Hall meeting into a verbal free-or-all were supposed to know about it.


That meeting in Setauket on June 22 had so distressed the Congressman (D-NY), that in July he announced that he was temporarily suspending such events in his district.

Less that four weeks later, Mr. Bishop appears to have changed his mind, and resumed the interactive public meetings.

And not tell too many people about it to limit the ability of what one pseudonymous 27East commenter termed "Right wing whackos" to mobilize their forces of disruption.

One person at this evening's well-attended event at the Senior Center in Hampton Bays, insisted that it wasn't a "Town Hall" meeting but a regular meeting of Hampton Bays Seniors.

Another, who had used his telephone to urge a number of friends to attend, stated that he only learned of the meeting from a "small mention in the upcoming events of The Southampton Press."

(A similar meeting in mid-March at the same locale had also been boisterous.)

Tonight, however, the meeting, while heated at times, was mostly orderly and non-confrontational despite the sizable presence of a group of activists outside the building on Ponquogue Avenue.

Tim Bishop in Hampton Bays

Representative Bishop spoke at length and ar­ticulately on such "hot button" topics as health care, the economy and immigration, although clearly at odds with a number of his constitu­ents on several of those matters.

None of the Congressman's positions seem to have changed, however, but he does seem to be less certain about the current health care proposals.

More on that later.

Also attending the Town Hall Meeting...

Right Wing extremists objecting to kindly Congressman Bishop
Right Wing extremists objecting to kindly Congressman Bishop

...a tiny disruptive group of professional Right Wing extremists bussed in, Congressman Bishop's aide would have everyone believe, in pick-up trucks from the hills of Tennessee.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Shameless photo-ops, Speir.

By YOUR assertion, a tiny, disruptive group got 2:4 pictures on your blog notice, with clear shots of their "I never saw a magic marker I didn't like" incorrect signage regarding what health care reform is/will do?

Are you turning into a soul-less media hound? Out to frighten the local natives?

What, the seniors were re-assurred they won't lose their lousy 80% coverage, so they weren't making enough of a stink?

Me, I WANT Dick Cheney's insurance!

I really want our kids to have a PORTABLE public health option. I don't TRUST the "non-profits" to run anything, much less a "cooperative" without making money off our health care.I'm none too pleased with our getting into bed with drug companies saving us a mere few billion, either.

Madame seems to have missed a great deal of irony.

Regarding the "magic marker signage" comment, are you turning up your fine Anglo nose are grass-roots activist?

Next time, you attend one of these meetings.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

I would have, but I have to work for an employer to get my health insurance, and the meeting conflicted with my work hours.

Ya don't want another mouth on the dole to feed and insure by Medicaid through your taxes, do you?

Yes, dear... or in this instance, no, dear!

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